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Casino Games Online Australia 2021

Before you start playing casino games with real money, you better know what the online casinos in Australia have to offer. Our experts have therefore put together a go-to handbook with all the possible games that you can enjoy at casinos online. From Caribbean stud poker to pokies and roulette!

Don’t worry, we’ll also provide you with casino lobbies to play and the best promotions around. So what do you say? Let’s begin.

Play Online Casino Games At These Casinos

Let’s start this guide with some of our favourites and some of the most popular casino games in Australia. These are the casino game that one will find at any casino site with real money.

There will also be different types of these gambling games – where you can choose to play against a real dealer or against a random number generator.

Slots And Pokies

slots and pokies casino games

The most popular online gambling games, not only in Australia but across the world are undoubtedly slots, or pokies. Not only do all online casinos offer them but they are extremely easy to play. They are timeless and yet evolving.

Online you’ll find 3-reeled as well as 5-reeled pokies and new variations such as Megaways slots, not to mention the progressive jackpot slots that can really pay out the big bucks. As mentioned, you’ll find them at all casino sites in Australia.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow casino game

Pai Gow is a gambling game that Australians really enjoy, simply because it’s fun to play and easy to understand. Originally, it is a variation of Chinese domino, but that is obviously not what we refer to. Pai Gow Poker is a 52 deck poker game that includes a joker.

You play it with two hands and against a dealer. Try it out if you’re tired of Hold’em.


blackjack casino game

Many peoples favourite online casino games to play is Blackjack, and what a table game that is. Blackjack can be played with real money at some of the best online casinos in Australia against a real dealer or in an RNG version (random number generator). Get closer to 21 than the dealer is what the card game is about, plain and simple.

There are strategies that you can use that we will cover in this article, but then again you’ll gonna need some luck as well to become a winning player.

Sic Bo

sic bo casino game

The online game of Sic Bo is a bit different from the first three mentioned, as this is a dice game. Among the most played games in Asian land-based casinos, it’s slowly making its way to the online casinos.

Simply explained, players bet in the outcome of three dices. Only to be played with real money!

A gambling game that is on everyone’s mouth and will get even greater during 2021.


roulette casino game

A casino table game that certainly doesn’t need an introduction is Roulette. One of the best online casino games to play for certain entertainment and excitement.

And of course, you’ll find it at any of the gambling sites that we mention here at CasinoCaptain. Spin the wheel and place your bets!


baccarat casino game

You’ve seen it in movies: Baccarat tables in Las Vegas, surrounded by millionaires and high stakes. The good news is that you don’t need massive bankrolls to play Baccarat online. A card game that however does only have a 44.62% odds to win for the player, which is not the highest.

Casino War

casino war casino game

Casino War might be one of those casino games that are rather not popular across the world, but yet popular in Australia.

A casino table game that is based on the game of War and fairly easy to understand – get a higher hand than the dealer.

Play Casino Games in Australia

It’s really simple for Aussie players to start playing casino games online. The first step is to choose the best online casino for the given game. If you’re unsure, simply navigate to our casino reviews and read more about the online casinos.

Once you’ve chosen a casino site to play at, it’s time to register an account. The process couldn’t be more straight forward really. You simply input your details to the casino’s registration form.

Once confirmed, you’ll find a whole plethora of online casino games to choose from. What’s left is to make your first deposit at the casino site and get going.

Feeling ready? Try one of the online casinos below.

Casino Games With Real Money

Playing casino games for real money is incredibly straightforward in the online gambling world. You simply open an account at one of the best online casinos and top up your account.

Once you’ve got money to play with, it’s time to choose what you’re about to play. You’ll notice that online casinos might put specific casino games under respective categories. These might be:

  • Live dealer
  • Pokies
  • Sports Betting
  • Jackpot Games
  • Table Games / Card games

So if you’re at the online casino and you feel like playing blackjack, firstly decide if you want to play the live blackjack version or the table game one. Same goes with stud poker or other card games.

Online casinos will do this to ease your experience and navigation on the site. New players might find this setup a bit confusing in the very beginning, but once you’re in it, it will make perfect sense.

  1. Choose online casino
  2. Choose casino game to play
  3. Decide bet amount
  4. Play!

Free Casino Games

There are also ways for Aussie players to play casino games for free, without risking any money whats so ever.

  1. Demo mode (no money involved)
  2. No deposit casino bonus (you get credit to use at the online casino)

The demo mode games are free, and you can access them even without creating an account. It enables you to play a big number of slot machines at the online casinos.

This might be a great way for beginners to enjoy pokies just like any mobile game on your phone. It’s literally just for the sake of fun as no real money wager is involved.

The next step however might be to play some casino games for real money, without risking your own. So how would that be possible?

No Deposit Casinos

By playing with a no deposit bonus of course!

No-deposit bonuses are usually offered as soon as a player signs up to the casino. These bonuses are usually quite small and never more than $10 or in real money. Instead, you get bonus money that you can wager by playing slots games, blackjack, Sic bo or any game you fancy.

You can also get awarded free spins, which is a big part of the no deposit world. They won’t be given on jackpot slots of course, but in popular pokies to give you a first experience of the casino.

Note that both these bonuses will have wagering requirements. Once again, live dealer games are excluded from free spins.

These bonuses play a massive part in online gambling, as it’s a great way for an online casino to acquire new players. Remember that there will always be terms and conditions attached to casino promotions however and that it is still considered as gambling.

House Edge Guide

For most players, the main reason to play online casino games is to enjoy themselves and have a good time. Breaking even or walking away with some winnings is gives you obviously an even better experience.

There is a known saying “The house always wins”, is that really so?

The house edge, also known as house advantage, describes the casino’s edge over the player when it comes to winning. The lower the house edge is, the better the chance for the player to win.

Each casino game has a different house edge, representing the probability of a loss or win.

It’s impossible to balance and beat the house advantage, as this is the way that online casinos make their money and stay open for business.

The way the house edge or RTP is counted is however by millions of play sessions. So just because you’ve been unlucky with a few games sessions, does not mean that the next ones are going to be “dead” as well.

Does it Depend on The Casino Game?

Yes, the house edge depends on the casino game. By choosing your games wisely, players can select those that offer a better chance of them winning.

You don’t want to play casino games with a house edge of 5% or greater.

A game that offers such an inferior house edge is American Roulette. Players will find themselves losing more money than they can afford in this type of roulette. Slot games also have a wide variety of house edges, and these are always presented so players can make an educated choice.

Casino Games With Lowest House Edge

When looking for the lowest house edge casino games, there is one set of games that stands out. These are video poker. Video poker tends to have a house edge of around 0.46% which is fantastic from a players point of view.

In some cases, the house edge will even fall to 0%.

Blackjack follows closely behind video poker games and offers a house edge of around 1.5%.

The house edge will fluctuate, however, as players have more control over the outcome of this game depending on the strategies they use when playing, enabling them to push down and keep a low house edge.

PositionCasino GameHouse Edge
#1Video Poker0.50%
#2Online Slots0.70%
#3Single Deck Blackjack1.50%
#5Pai Gow Poker2.50%
#6Carribean Stud5.00%

Apply Gambling Strategies – Increase Your Chances

It is well known that online gambling is all about luck. You can however use various strategies in order to lower the house advantage and increase your own odds to become a winning player.

These strategies will of course work at some gambling games better than others.

On games like roulette and blackjack, it’s very common to use some sort of strategy. Not only to become a winner but also for bankroll control reasons. So why not try some of the most common well established real money gambling strategies?

Martingale Strategy

One of the most commonly used betting systems is the Martingale. Like many other betting strategies, it is most frequently used by players playing roulette, blackjack and Baccarat. Essentially, all a player does is increase their bet after a loss.

Whenever you win, you go back to the original bet value. Online casinos will let you use it at live table games but might flag you if you win too often. One of the easiest strategies to use on dealer games and can be used on trading as well.

D’Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert Strategy is perfect to use on the roulette table, as it’s best used when there are only two outcomes possible. Similar to the Martingale, stakes are increased, but on a slower basis. The bet is multiplied by only one unit after a loss and then decreased by one after every win. Online casinos will also let you use this strategy.

Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci betting system follows the well-known Fibonacci sequence. Similar to the other two methods, bets are increased after a loss.

However, the amount the bet increases by is based on the series, so players will have to memorize this string of numbers or write it down to keep track. Not really recommended to use at real landbased casinos as if you show up with pen and paper, the croupier might flag you for card counting.

Online VS Land-Based Casino Games

There are a few big differences in land-based casino venues and online casinos. First of all, the games to play are not as many at the land-based casinos as online. Although you’ll find most of the table games and card games at any casino in Australia.

But finding a table with the right stakes might often become tricky. If you’ve visited a casino you’ve probably found yourself in that situation.

Online casinos have the advantage of being available anywhere at any time. So people don’t necessarily need to travel for hours just to be able to find gambling games that are fun to play. The best online casino will have everything you seek in a land-based venue even though the experience will be a bit different.

Then again, the Casinos that we have in Australia cannot be compared to the ones in Las Vegas or Macau.

But what’s most important, the return to player rate is far superior online. Which is what we’ll talk about more now.

RTP and Bonuses To Your Favour

The return to player rate or RTP is always better when playing online casino games. This comes down to the casino being able to make a higher profit from its online players. And is, therefore, able to offer better casino bonuses and return to player rates to its players.

Australia Land-based Casinos90.89%
The Strip91.96%
Las Vegas93.53%
Downtown Vegas92.67%
Boulder Strip94.34%
Online Slots96.76%

Mobile Casino Games – Massive in Australia

The casino sites that haven’t established themselves on the mobile market can be considered dinosaurs

According to Statista, by 2025 over 80% of the Australian population will be using a smartphone. Mobile games and mobile casino games are being played more than ever. Every real money casino is perfectly aware of this and makes sure to offer their players a mobile-first experience from the moment you sign up to the online casino.

Therefore, all casino games online can be accessed and enjoyed from your mobile device. Games like video poker or texas hold em to progressive jackpot slots can all be found on the very same phone that you are most likely using to read this content piece.

The casino sites that haven’t established themselves on the mobile market can be considered dinosaurs, and we all remember what happened to them…

So what gambling games will you find in mobile casinos?

  • Live casino
  • Online slots
  • European roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Sic Bo
  • Pai Gow
  • Video Poker
  • Progressive Jackpots
  • Live Table games
  • Poker games including Hold Em
  • And much more

Online Casino Games Australia – Safe and Entertaining

When making the transition to online casino games, players might hesitate due to the possible lack of safety. When choosing online casinos with Casino Captain, we can assure you that there is no ground to be worried.

We always pick the most reputable casino sites that take all possible security measures to protect their players. From licensing, encrypted payments to slot machines that cannot be rigged.

All casino sites that you find on our website will hold licenses from reputable governing bodies.

These licenses require the online casino to follow a strict set of rules and regulations when it comes to protecting the player. Failure to comply can result in the casino losing their license and being unable to operate.

All online casinos will all have SSL encryption protocols in place. This is a firewall system and prevents third parties from getting access to any sensitive data such as addresses or bank details.

In line with this, online casinos will only use trusted payment providers, all of whom use multiple levels of encryption, so transactions are protected.

Finally, online casinos will have third party independent auditors checking out the games themselves. Auditors will check whether the random number generators (RNGs) are operating fairly.

Ready to Play The Best Casino Games Online?

We hope that this casino games guide has been a good source of information to you. If so, now it’s time to check out what the online casinos offer their new players. If you feel like play online casino games with real money, you want to end up at a safe and fun online casino.

Below, we’ve listed what we believe is the best online casino for players in Australia. Make sure to only gamble with funds that you can afford to lose and enjoy the ride!

Last updated April 13th, 2021