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Best Casino Party Games

casino party games

If you are an extrovert, a party might just be your thing. Everyone loves a good party and an excuse to take a break. Whether it is to celebrate an event like a birthday or just an excuse to relax, people want it to be fun.

As a host, it becomes your responsibility to ensure people are entertained and happy. A good way to achieve that is through having a theme. What’s a better theme than casino party games?

This way, people don’t have to go to an Australian online casino to get their thrill of gambling.

Do you know the beauty of having a gambling-themed party? You can modify it to fit your guests’ needs. But what gambling games should you be making a part of your party is a bigger question. There are several gambling games out there.

So let’s have a look at some of the most fun casino party games that you can organise yourself!

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1. Shot Roulette

shots roulette party game

Shot roulette has several variations to the game. This game can be enjoyed in the casino, online, and in-home too. This is a classic game and is sure to entertain your guests. 

This game features a roulette wheel and several shot glasses around the edge of the wheel. Every shot glass has two numbers on them corresponding to the numbers on the wheel. The player spins the wheel and must take the shot on the number it lands on. 

This is an adult-only game. The people get more merry and drunk as time passes with the game. There are no set rules to play the game. You can switch it up as much as you want. However, if you’re completely new to the gambling world you can follow these instructions.

How to play Shot Roulette

Spin and Drink – The Classic Shot Roulette

A person comes forward when it’s their turn and spins the wheel. The wheel has numbers on it. The number the wheel gives the player will have to drink the corresponding shot. If the player lands on a number with all the shots for it consumed, they don’t drink. This continues until all the shots are empty. This is the classic shot roulette games and is easy to DIY on your own.

Picking the Glass – A Modern Version of the Game

Each player in this version of the game picks several glasses. If there are 5 players then 5 shots are the way to go. Someone will then spin the wheel and the owner of the glass with the number that came will take a sip of their drink. This has the advantage of people having to drink a limited amount. This will help them refrain from making a fool out of themselves. Basically, just like online roulette but with shots! Fun, eh?

Alternative Versions

There are even more alternatives to this game. You can put different alcohols in each glass. Or you can also place non-alcoholic drinks in some glasses while there are alcoholic in others. 

2. Chase the Ace

chase the ace party game

Chase the Ace even outside the casino can manage to give the same exhilaration and joy. It is a fun card game that has managed to draw large crowds to Nova Scotia.

Now you can play this at gambling parties in your home too. In casinos, the tickets are sold every few hours, with players hoping to get the ace of spades to win the jackpot. At that point, the game is over. Nevertheless, it is played a bit differently when hosting a party.

How to play Chase the Ace

The game is rather simple. Every player is dealt one card and the aim is to not end up with the smallest one. After looking at the card in your hand, you can keep it or trade with the person on your left. Trading might get you a higher card and better chances at winning. 

The game continues until the last person potentially has an ace or another lower card. The person then picks a card on the top of the deck. If they reveal that they have an A they can get immunity. Moreover, the value card becomes theirs for the taking. 

Here everyone will reveal their card and the person with the lowest valued card loses. This can be a fun game for both adults and kids.   

3. Chilli Craps

Chilli Craps party game

Craps is a dice game. Many people playing this at the home turn this into a drinking game similar to shot roulette. Players make wagers on the outcome of the roll or a pair of dice.

Furthermore, this also has variations in the game. In street craps players will make wagers against each other, in casino craps, the wagers are against the bank and the other popular table craps also has wagers against the bank. It needs very little equipment and is easy to play in informal settings. 

This makes it perfect to play for gambling parties. Chilli Craps is a version of craps and involves a bit of drinking. For the drinking game version of craps, two dice are rolled and numbers combined indicate a number on glass with spirit in it.

How to play Chilli Craps

With the chilli craps, you can kill the boredom from the mundane games of blackjack. You will need a playing mat if you are setting up the game yourself. Craps has dice and it is essential to get a playing mat. This is where your device will land. They can be bought for cheap and will have all the assorted items you’ll need for the game. 

Why not make the game more exciting though? Instead of just putting plain alcohol shots in front of you guests spike some with chilli for an extra kick. This makes it more than an ordinary game of craps. This will make it more high stakes just without people losing their money.   

4. Karaoke Poker

karaoke poker game

Poker is a fan favourite when it comes to casino games online. Most people love poker is because the players aren’t against the house; they are pitted against each other. It is a game of skill that people can eventually beat. 

It is also a popular game to play at home and for gambling parties. You can also take it up a notch and make it a unique part of your party with Karaoke Poker. It is a very popular game in Japan. However, this is a bit different. It is also perfect for both kids and families. So if you’re having a family party this game can be enjoyed by everyone.  

How to play Karaoke Poker

How the game happens completely depends on you. You can make it a drinking game if you’re only playing with adults. There are many ways to incorporate karaoke in the game. You can make it a punishment for those losing in poker. 

Players can serenade to the one next to them if they have a bad bet. They also may have to sing if the players are running out of chips. The beauty of this game is you get not only the fun of poker but also karaoke. You can also change it however you want.   

5. Choco Blackjack

Choco blackjack

All the above games are mostly geared towards adults. The younger crowd can participate but might not get the full extent of what is going on. Choco blackjack is a fun and safe game to introduce teenagers in a regulated environment. 

After poker, blackjack online is the most popular casino game. Even for the casual players, the game is attractive. Its roots go back to centuries to 1760’s France. A game with so much popularity is the perfect introduction for young minds. 

How to play Choco Blackjack

Choco blackjack is similar to the traditional game. Only with this, the chips are replaced with gold chocolate coins. You can find them easily online. Not only does it help them learn to count but also gives them a sweet little treat at the end. You can modify the other games to have stuff kids will love as well.

Final Say

The games themselves are essential but also focus on having some decorations and invitations to go with your casino theme party. Make the event enjoyable for all your guests, whether they are just kids or from a similar age group.

Ensure even if someone loses, they leave with a prize or have so much fun that their loss doesn’t even matter. Casino themed parties are gaining more popularity by the day. It is not difficult to see why.

People can play their favourite games with friends and families. This gives them a certain level of comfort not found gambling online or in actual casinos. It is a good way for everyone to come together and indulge in friendly competition. Set the tone with the help of the gambling games mentioned above and some beautiful music, and you will be good to go.