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How To Dress For A Night At The Casino

how to dress for a night at the casino

A casino night is the perfect mix of fun and thrill. When it comes to choosing the right dress for a night at the casino, you have to be pretty ahead in your game. A few decades ago, people were accustomed to dressing up glamorously for a casino night, and the same is back in trend now.

While there might be places that might not have a dress code, but you should always dress well for it. You should go for either formals or semi-formals, let the comfortable casuals stay in your wardrobe this time.

Wondering what exactly you should wear on your casino night? Well, here is a complete guide to help you. Follow these tips and pick the perfect outfit for a night at the casino:

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5 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Casino Outfit

A night at the casino is the ideal getaway to dress well. Have a fun night with your friends, and win a few bucks if you are lucky! For such a happening night, one must be prepped a little beforehand to put on a perfect show. 

There are some important things that you should know before picking an outfit for the casino night, unless you’re more eager for staying in playing online casino:

  1. Check out if the casino that you plan to go to has any particular dress code. If there is, always stick to the dress code.
  2. Have a budget in mind. That is, plan on the maximum amount that you wish to spend on your outfit.
  3. Since it is a casino, cross out the options of any casuals that you have in mind from your list!
  4. Casino outfits need to be either formal or semiformal, at least. This will depend on the theme.
  5. Wear the right footwear with your outfit. For men, it is formal shoes. For women, they wear stilettoes.

Dress For Success

Dress for success

The best part about dressing up well for a casino night is the confidence that comes along with it. It is best to wear something that you are confident as well as comfortable in. This way, you tend to have a free and open mind, all set to focus and win.

Fancy casinos have guests flaunting glamorous attires, and when you are dressed well, you find yourself fitting in the pool of elegant people.

Impressing the other guests and dressing a certain way adds up more to the fun of such a glam and glittery night. Therefore, wear your best and gain the confidence to win hearts as well as money. Trust me, its way more fun dressing up than dressing down.

Casino Outfits For Women

“Look your best,” is all that a woman needs to remember. Pair up the right outfit with the right shoes and accessories. Try on the complete outfit beforehand.

The outfit you choose should be correctly fitted, neither too tight nor too loose. The accessories you carry should go well with the outfit, also, and match the right standards. There are a few different ways that women can dress for the occasion. Here are some of our recommendations!

1. Classy Cocktail dress

A well-fitted cocktail dress with a neckline that’s not too revealing is an excellent option. It has a formal touch as well as an elegance to it. Its colour can be matched up to the colour of the season or trend. Also, you can pair it up with a formal wrap or a coat. Make sure to avoid choosing black because it’s easy. Moreover, it is quite common.

2. Pretty Black-tie gown

While formal black-tie wear applies more to men than women, they still make up for a great option. A floor-length gown with an appropriate design looks sleek and goes perfectly with the casino style. You are free to choose the dress of any colour. However, prefer night colours to suit the place the best.

casino dress for women

3. Elegant Off-Shoulder dress

An elegant and trendy off-shoulder dress can be a great choice. You could choose either a gown or a cocktail dress. As it is an off-shoulder dress, the accessories you carry matter a lot.
A well-matched neckpiece should be carried along with a nice pair of heels and a sling bag. Great outfit for a casino night out!

4. Casual with a skirt

One can also stand out by playing a little casual with a skirt. It can be a semiformal getup with a well-hemmed skirt and casual-chic upper wear.
Be a little experimental with the colours. Match the outfit with a nice pair of sneakers, brogues, or flats.  

5. Pick the right shoes and accessories

As it is a casino night, there might be long hours of standing involved. So, make sure that you wear a pair of shoes that go well with the outfit but are comfortable at the same time. Avoid wearing new shoes as you might not be well accustomed to them and might end up in pain or shoe-bites. Pair up the well. They should not be too tacky.

Gentleman’s Outfit For A Casino Night

While women can slip into a variety of dresses, men have to go for formals strictly or slack down a bit to semi-formals. Make sure that you are appropriately dressed for the kind of occasion and atmosphere of the casino. Here are a few ways you can pair up the right pieces and look you best:

1. Three-piece suit for perfection

A three-piece suit never goes out of fashion, and it is a prevalent yet classy attire. It’s easy to match with a white-coloured formal shirt and a perfect tie or a bow. It looks elegant when paired up with the leather dress shoes and dark dress socks to complete the outfit.  

2. Tuxedo for the true gentleman

A tuxedo comes in the category of semiformal evening attire. It has sophistication and a lot of elegance. You can experiment with the colours and pair them up with the right shade of the vest too. A tie or a bow with a pattern can complete the look. 

3. Shirt and Jeans/Chinos will do the job

casino suit for men

For semi-formals, you can pair a nice formal shirt with a pain jean or chinos as it is a pretty comfortable attire. There are a lot of colours to choose from, keeping business casual codes in mind. The fabric should not have too many colourful patterns. It should be a casual button-down or polo shirt with a light fabric.

Men’s Accessories and Shoes

Avoid wearing a cap or something too funky. You can opt for a hat to jazz up your look a little, though. Just remember to be fancy but classy at the same time.

Classy watches can always add up a finishing look to the attire. While plain dark or matching socks are preferable, athletic socks can also work.

Tips And Tricks Pre-Casino Night

The main idea behind all these styles or codes for dressing up the casino-style is to look fancy but classy. It is necessary to abide by the dress code.

You should be prepared in advance according to the environment of the casino and the type of gathering that you are going to be a part of. Casinos these days offer more than just online gambling.

It is better to find out the exact plans and relax down the outfit to something much comfortable and easy-going. However, if it is a fancy casino, it is better to overdress rather than underdress!

Set budgets and plan out your trip well. Do the homework well, and enjoy the perfect thrilling night! Yet not convinced? Watch this guide about what to wear on a casino night in Vegas!

Last updated November 12th, 2020