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How to Play Sic Bo: An Easy Guide!

Sic Bo is a popular game in online and offline casinos and is one of those few games played with dice. It originated in ancient China and also goes by the names Tai Sai or Dai Siu. Sic Bo entered the US in the twentieth century in carnivals. 

Unlike craps, Sic Bo is based purely on luck. We’ll guide you to how to play sick bo and include some of the best alternatives if you feel like trying out your new skills at a Sic Bo casino.

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How to Play Sic Bo Online

Bets are placed, and dice are rolled. That’s pretty much everything that happens in Sic Bo. Sounds to simple to be true? Here is how a round of Sic Bo takes place:

  1. The dealer puts the three dices in a cage. 
  2. Players bet on numbers and combinations.
  3. The dealer rolls the dice.
  4. Payouts will be made as per the outcomes of the dice roll.
  5. After payouts, the next round begins.

Once you get the hang of the different Sic Bo bets, you will find the game fun and entertaining. The probability of outcomes and payouts vary. You will find all the details of the game on the pay-table.

Sic Bo Bets and Rules

At first sight, the Sic Bo board looks like it involves some complicated math and bets. But this is not the case. To understand how to play Sic Bo better, we will first look at the bets.

  • Total Bet

Here, you bet on the sum of the three dice that you believe will be rolled. You can bet anywhere from 4 to 17. The payouts for each number differs.

  • Big or Small

This is one of the famous and easiest bets to make in Sic Bo. You simply have to bet on whether the sum of the three dice would be Big or Small. The ‘Big’ ranges from 11 to 17, and ‘Small’ ranges from 4 to 10. These bets are of low risk. You lose the bet if it rolls a triple. 

  • Combination

The combination bet is more of a medium risk bet. Here, you wager on any two digits that you think will be rolled. For instance, you bet on 2 and 3. The three dice rolled show 1, 2, 3. You win the bet as your selected numbers 2 and 3 are rolled. 

  • Single 

Here, you bet on any digit and hope that it is rolled. You win the bet if your chosen number appears on any of the three dice. For instance, you bet on three, and the rolled dice shows 6, 4, 3. As your chosen number has appeared, you win.

  • Double

For the double bet, you bet on a number that you think will appear on two dices. For example, you bet on 3. To win this bet, 3 has to appear on two of the three dices. However, there is no ‘any double’ bet, but you can bet on multiple doubles.

  • Triple

As the name suggests, you wager on a digit that you think will appear on the three dices. You can bet on any number from 1 to 6. You can also go for ‘any triple’, which means you bet a triple would be rolled rather than any specific number. This bet has the highest payout of 216:1.

Sic Bo Variants

You will also come across a few of these games while gambling online. There are some popular Sic Bo variants that you should be aware off, dint them listed below.

  • Chuck-a-luck

You might have heard about Chuck-a-luck, which sometimes goes by the name of Sweat Cloth or Bird Cage. The major difference between Sic Bo and Chuck-a-luck is that here you can bet only on single numbers. Triples is an extra bet. 

  • Yee Hah Hi

The game is very similar to Sic Bo. However, Yee Hah Hi dice have symbols and colours rather than numbers. 

  • Hoo Hee How

Hoo Hee How is like Yee Hah Hi. Hoo Hee How has symbols on its dice, and you can place six wagers.

  • Grand Hazard

Grand Hazard is very much like Chuck-a-luck. Here, the dice are rolled with a cup and tossed into a chute. 


The best way to practice Sic Bo would be to try the game online for free! As you’ve noticed, it is a easy game to play and most online casinos will have it listed in their live game section. Now, why not try Sic Bo for free at any of these casinos?