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Here at Casino Captain, we can’t get enough of betting, and especially betting sites in India. And we know that we’re not the only ones who enjoy this gambling form; there are thousands of players right across India who enjoys a free bet at the top betting sites!

Whether you’re new to online sports betting or a seasoned pro, there’s always lots to think about when choosing a betting site to place bets. But never fear, the Captain is here to steer you to the best port.

Our guide covers everything you wanted to know about betting sites in India, and even some things that you never knew you needed!

Without any further ado, here’s the most comprehensive guide around on online gambling and best betting sites in India. 

Top Indian Betting Sites 2020

Leo Vegas
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Royal Panda
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Caxino Casino
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Best Online Betting in India

Here at Casino Captain, we do all the hard work so you won’t need to worry about whether a site is reputable. We check all top online betting sites thoroughly before listing them, so you can rest assured that they’re secure and will act responsibly. 

There are some online betting sites which stand out for their bonuses, promotions, customer service, payment method, and competitive odds. You may still need to register at more than one to get the most benefit, particularly if you’re planning on betting on different sports events.

The market is constantly changing and you can trust the Captain to keep an eye on the horizon, whether it is betting or online casino in India. However, right now, we think it’s hard to find greater value than at the following online betting sites:

  • Betway
  • LeoVegas
  • 22Bet

In our opinion, these are three of the best online betting sites in India, but which one comes out top? Much will depend on what you’re looking for in the best betting site, but we think 22Bet is hard to beat.

Offering play in rupees and the choice of English or Hindi language, it’s currently the best of the online betting sites for India. As customers make their first deposit and find out the different odds they understand why this is ranked as the top betting site in India.

Betting sites India

Do All Betting Sites Accept Players From India?

Betting online has become an international affair and there are many sites located around the world. These are licensed and regulated by different bodies, and many have different rules in place. This means that there can be a huge variety in what is and isn’t allowed.

It also means that players from India, like many other countries, may not be able to gamble on every online betting site. Terms and conditions are therefore something to always take under consideration!

The good news is that there are many online betting sites who do accept players from India, and some even allow you to bet in rupees. This means you don’t need to worry about losing out to poor currency conversion rates, or any fees which may apply. It’s also much easier to keep track of what you’re spending when it’s in your own currency. 

Not all online betting sites that accept Indian players will offer you the ability to use rupees. It is entirely possible to play in a different currency so you’ll have to decide whether this is a priority for you. 

New customers are usually eager to place their first deposit right after visiting the site. Instead, read more about the betting sites India that offer Rupees. Football betting and horse betting is way more fun when you get a welcome bonus on your first deposit and when you can play with Rupees.

No customers want to end up on the wrong side of the law while having a fun betting experience. So it’s worth taking a bit of time to check the legal position.

Indian law isn’t the clearest about betting, and there’s not a single approach that is universal across every state. This applies to both new customers and already existing customers on the best betting sites out there.

The Public Gaming Act 1867 makes gambling in India illegal, but of course, this was before the internet. Therefore, there’s no mention of online betting or online gambling in this statute.

It would have been possible for the government to have amended this law to include online gambling, but they haven’t done so. This has left the door open for punters to play online using international betting firms, without breaking any Indian laws. 

There are some states which are adopting a progressive approach to gambling, such as Sikkim. The state of Sikkim has its own online betting site for the state lottery, for example, and has regulated gambling. 

Indian law also treats various types of gambling in different ways. If the law deems there is an element of skill in the bet, it’s treated differently than a game of pure chance. 

No-one wants to break the law to gamble, but there are many legal top betting sites in India for players to enjoy. Some of the top betting sites for India include:

  • Bet365
  • Betway
  • Royal Panda
  • 1xBet
  • Dafabet
  • Sportsbet
  • 10CRIC
  • Unibet
  • Spincasino

The best online betting sites in India will change as new operators arrive in the market so it’s important to keep checking to see whether the top betting sites in India have changed.

Find the best betting sites with Casino Captain, we update our list each month. We also offer new free bets at the very top betting sites constantly for new customers.

Pro Tip – Sites for Indians Only

Although there are many betting sites overseas that are willing to accommodate Indian players, gambling can also be found a bit closer to home. The state of Sikkim has welcomed casinos and gambling with open arms and has taken steps to create a robust and regulated betting online industry. 

One of these measures is the Playwin betting site which is only open to players in India. Unlike international online betting sites, you must be in India to register with Playwin. 

Aside from state-sponsored betting, other companies are offering their services strictly to Indian players. 10CRIC is one of these, providing top-notch betting services to the Indian market. As the name suggests, it’s a betting site that is primarily focused on cricket.

However, this doesn’t mean that cricket is the only sport you can bet on at 10CRIC. There’s a total of 27 sports and 11 different casino games offered at this market-leading betting site.

Where Can I Find the Best Odds?

No matter how much you may like a particular betting site, if the odds they are offering are weak, there’s little point playing. Betting is all about fun and winning returns, and this means chasing down the best odds available. 

We’ve found that the betting site which offers the best odds isn’t the same every time. The odds fluctuate constantly, and some sites offer more competitive odds in some bets more than others.

This means that to get the best betting odds available, you’ll need to be registered with more than one site. This isn’t illegal and is a strategy that every experienced punter uses. 

Having multiple betting accounts allows you to compare the odds on offer from different sites. Factors such as special offers and bonuses might alter who is more competitive from one day to the next, and you might find that some sites are more generous with Kabaddi while others are better for horse racing betting.

Getting the best odds involves chopping and changing the site you’re using. If you simply want to log on and use the same site every time you bet, you’ll never get the best odds on the market.

Of course, Captain will help by highlighting the deals and offers available at different sites, so check back in with us first to get a pointer in the right direction!

What to Consider: Our Strategy 

Having a clear strategy will help you be more successful with your gambling, and will also prevent you from taking things too far. Knowing when to play and when to stop is an essential part of gambling.

If you ever find that you’re getting a bit obsessed with placing bets, take a break for a while to prevent it from becoming a problem. 

The best strategy to win at betting sites is to take all emotion out of the bet. If you’re betting on the cricket, don’t automatically back India to win if they’re not the best team on the field.

This isn’t about testing loyalty; it’s about making the best decisions and backing the team that will earn you the most cash. If you really can’t face supporting an opposing team, you could always choose to bet on alternatives such as the number of runs scored, for example.

Betting on sports that you know the most about is also a good place to start. While there are lots of experts online offering tips, nothing really replaces your own knowledge and skill.

The best type of bets are those placed when you’re excited about watching the sport, as well as seeing how your bet performs! Be aware of the minimum deposit, free bets to get more out of your betting experience!

How To Find A Good Betting Site – Our Research

When we’re looking for a betting site, there are many factors that Captain considers. It’s not merely the case of pulling names together that offer bets for Indian players; there are other considerations which determine whether the site makes the grade. 

Here at Captain Casino, we take our betting research seriously. We spend our time fishing through the waters to land those gambling sites which we think are worth your time. Some of the factors we think it’s important to include are:

  • The odds offered; If a site isn’t competitive and doesn’t provide fair odds, it won’t be included.
  • Markets; We look for betting sites that offer a diverse range of markets for players to bet on.
  • Live Betting; Also known as in-play betting, live betting is extremely popular with players and is a significant plus.
  • Promotions and special offers; Everyone loves a free bet, so we look to see what exclusive deals, bonuses, and other offers are being rolled out by the site.
  • Easy to navigate; When you want to place a bet, you need to be able to move fast. We’re looking for sites that are simple to use and navigate around, even for newbies. 
  • Security; One of the highest priorities for us. The betting site must be able to handle transactions securely using SSL encryption and also hold a current gambling license.
  • Customer service; You might never need them, but if you do, it’s crucial to be able to reach a customer service team that cares.
  • Banking; Being able to deposit money quickly and make speedy withdrawals are crucial to the gambling experience. It’s also helpful if there are low/no fees and a range of choices for payment methods. 
  • VIP programs; If you’re a loyal player, there should be some reward from the betting site. From enhanced bets to special privileges, we’re looking for sites that recognise loyalty.
  • New and additional features; The world of betting is changing all the time, and we’re on the hunt for sites that continuously keep up to date. Features such as cashing out and live streaming add to the overall experience. 
betting with indian rupees

Betting Sites With Indian Rupees – This is How it Works

If you’re keen to avoid currency conversion charges, betting with Indian rupees is preferable. Not only will you avoid unwanted fees, but it should make the whole process more transparent.

If you’ve got to convert the currency in your head, it’s much harder to visualise how much you’re spending, plus there’s the possibility of making a mistake. When you’re betting in rupees, you won’t have this problem, which is why it’s so much better for Indian players.

Not every betting site that accepts Indian players will be able to offer bets in rupees. You’ll, therefore, need to find someone who offers this option. Sites such as Bet365, Royal Panda, and Betway are among those who offer Indian rupees.

Using an e-wallet such as Neteller is one of the simplest ways of betting with rupees. It means that the transaction won’t show on your bank statement as a payment to a betting site, which could be useful. The e-wallet provides a simple way of topping up your funds, and once it’s in place, it’s easy to use repeatedly.

How to Sign Up

Once you’ve chosen a betting site to sign up with, you’ll need to provide a few pieces of documentation to complete the process. Therefore, if you’re planning on placing a bet for the first time, make sure you register in advance of the time that you want to play.

When you sign up for a betting account, you’ll be asked to supply lots of personal information such as your name, address, and email account. Don’t be tempted to provide false details as you’ll have to verify to play.

You’ll be asked to pick a screen name, and you may also be asked to think up a four-digit pin code too (for sites such as bet365). Be sure to pick something memorable as you’ll need these details to log in next time.

Some betting sites will allow you to move straight on to depositing funds and playing, but in some cases, you may be asked for extra ID. If this is the case, you’ll need to upload a scanned copy of ids such as a passport or driving license.

How to Deposit

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to make a deposit before being able to bet. Some sites offer welcome bonuses and other special offers, but you won’t normally qualify until you’ve made a deposit first.

There are many different payment methods you can use to deposit funds into your betting account.

Skrill is always popular, along with Neteller and Visa/MasterCard. If you have a strong preference about which one you want to use, check that the betting site accepts the method.

Increasingly betting sites are accepting bitcoin but this isn’t yet universal and is still restricted to a fairly small number.

When choosing which payment method you want to use, don’t forget about the fees that may apply.

Different sites levy fees for using certain methods, and some may be completely fee-free. There may also be minimum deposit amounts so if you’re only planning on betting with low sums, this could be vital.

How to Place a Bet

Once you’ve registered and deposited your funds into your account, placing a bet is very simple. The events and games which are available to bet on are depending on the site you’ve used.

Use the menu on the betting site to enter the area which takes your interest. This could be sports betting or casino games, the choice is yours.

When you select the area you want to bet on, you’ll find a selection of different available bets. For example, in cricket sports betting you might find options such as run rate, number of wickets and partnerships, as well as the conventional win/draw/loss.

Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll see the odds displayed on the screen. Enter your stake at the bottom of the betting slip and hit the confirm button.

This will place your bet and you need to take no further action. Some sites such as Bet365 allow you to edit your stake after it’s been placed.

How to Make Your Withdrawal

The process of withdrawal varies from one betting site to another and should be very simple and straightforward. However, before you sign up and start spending your money you’ll need to double-check the fine print. This means looking at whether there’s any minimum or maximum limits to making a withdrawal.

If the minimum is set too high, you won’t be able to withdraw a small number of winnings. If the maximum is set too low, you won’t be able to withdraw a big win very easily.

The amount of time it takes to process a withdrawal can also be very different from one bookmaker to another. You’re looking for a betting site that will process your withdrawal quickly and without unnecessary delays. 

Finally, most betting sites offer a range of withdrawal methods. The minimum, maximum, and processing times can vary between these, and in some cases, there may even be a fee. Make sure you’re checking for the withdrawal method you plan on using.

New Betting Sites

There has been growing support for the gambling laws in India to be reviewed to enable regulated betting to take place in every state. With players in India already able to bet online using international sites, it’s clear that there is a burgeoning market and an appetite for more Indian-friendly betting sites. 

Although there are a large number of betting sites that accept Indian players, new sites are emerging regularly. If you’re looking to take advantage of the best promotions, odds, and bonuses for Indian players, it’s a good idea to keep checking in with the Captain to see what’s new in the market. 

Some of the betting sites which have recently joined the fray include:

  • Bodog
  • ComeOn India
  • Bet winner

Where Live Betting Dominates

Live betting is a relatively new phenomenon and one which has really taken off. It’s not available for all types of betting, and it’s not offered by every betting site. Horse-racing and cricket are the biggest markets for live betting in India.

If you’re interested in live betting, you should also look out for in-play betting as this is another term for the same thing. 

Live betting is particularly useful for anyone who enjoys watching the sport or someone who has knowledge of the game. Live betting enables you to change your mind during the event, with the purpose of maximizing your potential gains.

If you’ve placed a bet for something other than the final result, live betting also offers the opportunity to cash-out at specified points. It’s a more advanced form of betting but if you can read the event well, it can be very lucrative.

Betting Sites With Mobile Betting

An increasing number of players from all over the world prefer to bet using their smartphone, which is good news for Indians hoping to do the same. More and more betting sites are offering mobile apps, making it quicker and simpler to place a bet whenever the mood strikes.

Most of the betting site apps work similarly, so once you’ve used one, it’s not much different from using any of the others. You’ll be playing with real money, and just like the full desktop site, the mobile app includes SSL certification for maximum protection.

Some of the best betting sites in India with mobile apps available in include:

  • 10CRIC
  • Bodog Casino
  • Betway
betting promotions and free bets

Betting Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are an excellent way of making your money stretch further. When you sign up to a site you should be able to take advantage of offers, such as free bets. This is a tactic commonly used by betting sites to encourage new players to sign up.

However, you should receive periodic promotions too which are targeted towards existing players. Understanding how these work and what you should look out for is key to getting the most out of your money.

For High Rollers

If you’re a high roller you can find bonuses that are incredibly generous, netting you a large sum if you’re a winner. There’s no single definition for a high roller; each online betting site has its own definition.

It’s common for higher rollers to qualify for what’s known as a VIP program which is where you’ll find the best promotions.

High rollers may enjoy the best bonuses just by virtue of how much they’re betting, but some casinos and betting sites also offered tailored promotions. This is because it’s common for high rollers to have their dedicated account manager who can provide exclusive bonuses that are specific to you.

You might also enjoy other perks for being a high roller, such as quicker withdrawals.

The bonuses may offer matching sums which run into the thousands of dollars, but in return, the wagering requirements may be high. Even for cases where you’re only planning on betting £500, you might find that the wagering requirements are x40.

Minimum deposit rules apply to qualify for the high roller bonuses, and these are typically more than just a few hundred dollars. It’s not uncommon for the minimum to be set at $1000 or more, but in return, the bonuses on offer are impressive.

Free Bets in India

A number of online betting sites offer a type of freebie known as a free bet. It may sound like a great incentive and you’d be right. Free bets are a way of enjoying a bet which will either result in your cashback if you lose, or another matching bet to place.

These are often offered as a welcome bonus but are sometimes offered to existing players too.

The number of free bets you receive depend on the specific promotion being run. It’s important to note that some promotions can be closed early if numbers exceed the anticipated take-up.

Therefore if you see a good offer for free bets, don’t wait around too long before taking it up.

Remember, if you are lucky enough to back a winner on a free bet, you won’t get your stake back. As it’s a freebie that you used to place the bet, the betting site keeps it when paying out.

Odds, Types and Betting Terms 

If you don’t understand what you’re looking at, you could end up spending more money than you planned, or you could end up chasing bets with very little profit.

Once you understand the terminology and the standard terms, together with how to read the odds, you’ll be in a far stronger position. 

There are three different ways odds can be expressed:

  • European

These are expressed as a decimal and are calculated as a percentage of an outcome. It’s a fairly simple format to understand as you just need to multiply your bet by the decimal expressed.

It’s important to note that in this type of betting, the initial stake is included in what you’ll receive back. For example, a 4.00 bet that wins would pay out Rs 4000 from an initial bet of Rs 1000. The Rs 4000 win includes the original Rs 1000 bet being returned.

  • English

English odds are expressed as fractional odds. The numbers refer to the number of unfavorable outcomes compared to the likely number of favorable outcomes.

For example, odds of 3/1 anticipate that you have a one in four chance of winning (3+1 = 4). To calculate your winnings, you divide the odds and then multiply the answer by your stake. This will give you your winnings, and then you get your original stake back on top of this.

For example, for odds of 3/1 and a stake of Rs 1000 you would calculate: 3 divided by 1 = 3 multiply by Rs 1000 = Rs 3000 + original stake returned of Rs 1000 = Rs 4000 total win. As you can see, the odds of 3/1 are the same as the European odds of 4.0. 

Now that you understand the different types of odds, here are just a few common betting terms you might encounter:

Bet TypeExplanation
Also RanWhere a contestant or horse races to the finish but doesn’t get a place
Betting WithoutPlacing a bet without a certain participant included, typically the favourite
Dead HeatWhere two or more tie or draw in an event
DriftWhen odds start to increase before an event takes place
EvensA bet where the amount you win is the same as the amount you stake, typically offered for a favourite
GoingUsed in horse racing to describe how soft the ground is
HouseAnother name for the betting site or bookmaker
JackpotThe top prize offered 
LineA single bet
On the NoseBack to win only
PriceAnother word for odds
SharpProfessional gambler

More Types of Indian Betting Sites

As well as casino and lottery online betting sites, there are many other types of Indian betting sites to explore. Sports betting, in particular, is prevalent and offers a wide range of betting potential for those who enjoy something a little more complicated.

Sports betting in India is a little different than playing the casino because the law judges it as involving skill rather than simply being left to chance. Almost every sport you can think of has a thriving betting market, and there are many operators who are willing to offer odds.

Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket has always been one of the top national sports for India, and the Indian Premier League is one of the best in the world. Fans from countries all over the globe queue up to follow the IPL and bet on the games.

Cricket, like many other sports in India, is considered to be a game of skill and thus can be bet on legally. However, just to make things a bit more complicated, not every state allows online betting in India.

Therefore, to be able to use a betting site in India, you’ll need to be in a state where it’s not illegal. If you are in a state which doesn’t allow Indian local betting sites, you can still bet on cricket without breaking the law.

There’s nothing to prevent you from using international legal sites to place your bet. The law only relates to Indian betting sites, not online sites which are based overseas.

There are a vast number of sports betting sites you can choose to bet on cricket, both based in India and overseas. Choose from betting in rupees and other currencies in a simply vast market. For more information on the topic, check out our comprehensive article about cricket betting sites.

Some of the best sports betting sites in India for cricket include:

  • Bet365
  • 10CRIC
  • Betway
  • ComeOn
  • Dafabet

Kabaddi Betting Sites

After cricket, kabaddi is the second most popular sport in India, so it’s hardly surprising that lots of people want to bet on it. It’s moved from being a game played in rural areas to one of the top sports in the nation, with audiences transfixed by the speed and agility demonstrated by the players.

Although it’s still more popular in India than elsewhere, the sport is gradually gaining a following in other parts of the world. European and Asian countries now follow the Pro Kabaddi League, so it’s expected to grow in stature.

As it’s primarily an Indian sport, there are not quite so many international sports betting sites that offer kabaddi, but there are still some out there. You can not only bet on kabaddi, but you can even use rupees, making it an excellent pick for Indian punters. 

There are many different options for sports betting on kabaddi, starting with the straightforward win, lose, or draw. Once you’ve got a bit of experience underneath your belt, you’ll be able to move on to more complicated bets such as scorers, points per half, and so on.

Football Betting sites

Despite its enormous popularity elsewhere, football hasn’t yet really gained the same cult following in India just yet. However, there is still the demand for football sports betting in India, particularly on the Shillong Premier League, the English Premier League and the European Champions League.

Football sports betting sites are not always as willing to accept Indian players as other sports betting sites but there are many that do. The Captain can help you with football betting sites that accept Indian players. 

The types of bets which can be placed on football matches are very similar to kabaddi. Choose to either bet on the simple outcomes, or else pick something that requires more skill and expertise to predict.

Horse Racing Betting Sites

As we mentioned higher up in the guide, Indian law treats a game of chance differently to a game of skill. In 1996, the Supreme Court of India decreed that betting on horse-racing required skill and wasn’t purely down to luck.

This means that in India horse-racing sports betting is legal, even though some other types of gambling are still outlawed.

Horse-racing is very popular in India, and there’s a massive demand for online betting on the horses. Many sites allow you to bet on horse-racing in rupees, and you’ll also find many welcome bonuses and other special offers.

Some betting sites also offer live streaming for each race, adding to the excitement of each bet.

Why Trust Casino Captain?

Casino Captain is explicitly focussed on the Indian market, and our goal is to become the largest trusted source in India before 2022. We believe we have a unique blend of skills, knowledge, and experience to enable us to achieve just that.

The whole team at Captain Casino has over seven years in the casino industry, with experience spread across diverse areas which include marketing, UX, content, senior management, and social media. This blend of expertise and passion means that the Captain’s crew has more to offer than any of our competitors.

Betting Site FAQs:

If you’ve read our guide and you’ve still got some questions, we’ve compiled some of the most FAQs below.

Can I get banned from a betting site?

If you have a betting problem, you can choose to be excluded from a betting site, but they may also ban you when you haven’t requested it. Although you might think that it’s only fair if you get a big payout, not all betting sites are happy to keep you as a customer. Individuals who win an unusually large bet, or who win very regularly may find that their account is either banned or heavily limited. If you are suspected of being a professional player, you may also be kicked out, even if you haven’t picked up any big wins. This is another reason why it’s useful to have accounts with multiple betting sites so that you don’t raise suspicion or risk your account being restricted.

What is a free bet?

Most betting sites will offer free bets at one time or another; it’s a popular type of special offer that can be very attractive to players. Free bets aren’t offered without players having to spend any of their own money, but they can help you to make your own money go further.

There are usually two different types of free bets. The first involves your stake money being refunded if your bet loses. Playthrough requirements usually apply to this type of free bet. With the second type, after you have placed a bet, the bookie matches it with a free bet of the same value. Minimum odds may apply to the free bet, and if you win, the stake won’t be returned like normal.

You may be offered free bets as a welcome bonus when you sign up, or you may be offered them as a loyalty bonus if you continue to play with the same betting site.

How do you play through requirements work in betting?

Playthrough requirements are often referred to as wagering requirements, or sometimes bonus requirements. It’s essential to pay close attention to the playthrough requirements as what seems like a generous bonus may end up costing you a large amount of money. This is because no bonuses are given out for free; there are always terms and conditions which apply.

If a bonus of $100 is offered, but it has wagering requirements of x10, this means you would have to spend $1000 ($100 x wagering requirements of x10) before you would be eligible for the bonus cash.

For free bets, it’s typical for the betting site to stipulate minimum odds. This means you can’t use your free bet for anything which has shorter odds than stated.

If you’re considering signing up based on bonuses or free bets, make sure you are very particular about the requirements that apply before you commit any of your own money.

Last updated July 7th, 2020