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Andar Bahar Online

Andar Bahar is a popular casino card game originating from India that can be found online. Remember those days as children when you used to throw the cards down into a pile as you strove to reach a high-value card and then take the whole lot? Well, that’s essentially what live Andar Bahar game is all about.

Online Andar Bahar is so simple that it makes things very easy for both players and casinos. Because of this, it has become a popular option for Indians looking for online gambling. It offers a lot of fun without the need to put too much thought into the game itself.

Andar Bahar India can now be played on desktops and mobile devices so that you can access the fun no matter where you are. Throughout the rest of this Casino Captain review, we’ll cover all the essential points about Andar Bahar real money game so that you can get the most out of it.

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What is Andar Bahar Cash Game?

Andar Bahar game may have started as a game from south India, but it is now one played across the whole country. In fact, players from all over the world are enjoying it at various casino sites. Part of the reason for this fast spread is in the fact that the game is so simple to play.

Not only that – it can be played anywhere, as long as you have cards.

In recent years, Katti and Andar Bahar games have been popping up in more glamorous places, such as the boat casinos in Goa. And now, thanks to game developer Ezugi , you can play Andhar Bahar live online in India too with a human dealer.

To play live Andar Bahar casino game is the same as playing it in person. The only difference here is that it’s happening via a game software provider. Also, you’ll need a computer, tablet or mobile with a stable internet connection.

However, before starting your Andar Bahar online cash game, you’ll need a good site to play at. Simply choose one from our top list and feel free to read the reviews before you proceed.

Finally, select a payment option, deposit, and get playing. Live Andar Bahar is best enjoyed with real money, which is precisely what we’re going to touch upon now.

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Where to Play Andar Bahar with Real Money?

If you’re all ready to go and get playing the online Andar Bahar card game online, then you need to find those perfect Indian gambling sites in order to get the best possible gaming experience.

And that’s where Casino Captain comes in. Our experts are all about ensuring that you choose the safest, most secure online casino, which meets all your online gambling needs.

Andar Bahar Real Money

There are several aspects that we take into consideration when we select the casinos we think will be right for live Andar Bahar with real money.

For instance, we make sure that the casino operator is licensed and offers data security for when you input your personal information or banking details to make a payment.

If you want to play live Andar Bahar, you need to input your real details in order to create an account. Therefore it is essential that your details are protected and that unwanted third parties cannot access them.

Following on from this, we also make sure that casinos offer quality payment methods together with an online Andar Bahar casino bonus. A welcome bonus can increase your chances of winning.

So if you want to play Andar Bahar with Paytm, and receive a nice deposit bonus do it at Pure casino!

Showlion, 10cric or Betway are three other alternatives of internet casinos that also offer you to play Andar Bahar. However, they are not as good as Pure.

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For a Safe and Fun Experience

To play Andar Bahar with real money in India, you will have to create an account with your chosen casino. We make sure that only recommended, and reputable sites are visible. So that you can enjoy Andar Bahar online whenever or wherever you may be.

Playing real money Andar Bahar should be fun and safe, trust The Captain to help you make the right choice!

  1. Choose a casino from the list
  2. Make a deposit and claim bonus
  3. Select a table
  4. Place your bets

Live Andar Bahar at Online Casinos

As we touched upon, one of the main things about playing the Andar Bahar game at online casinos in India is making sure that you are playing at a safe and secure site.

However, there are various other aspects you should consider when choosing at which casino you want to play the Katti casino game.

The popularity of the casino is secondary if it doesn’t provide customers with game providers that support live card games. Therefore, make sure that the casino cooperates with game providers such as Ezugi or Evolution Gaming.

Next step is to have a look at the different bonuses offered by the casino. Some casinos will offer bonuses and promotions that will boost your bankroll and enable you to get ahead.

By being able to stretch your bankroll, you can play for much longer and increase your edge, which can be an essential aspect of playing Andar Bahar.

Andar Bahar Casino

How to Play Andar Bahar

Playing Andar Bahar is simple; however, it does have some rules. First, when you play Andar Bahar, there is only one 52-deck of cards used. Much like there is when you play Teen Patti.

With this single deck of cards, you will find that the odds are set at 50/50.

When the player who is placing the bet takes a turn, they are given a choice between two slots – the left (Andar) and the right (Bahar).

Once the player has chosen Andar or Bahar, half the deck or 13 cards are dealt out, from which the player must choose just one card.

This bet is all about guessing whether the card from the other side will be of identical value to the one that was just revealed. The dealer then deals out the cards on each side in an alternate fashion. If the card appears correctly in the spot the player guessed, the game ends.

Bahar Andar has as you can see simple card gameplay:

  • 52 deck of cards used
  • Two slots – Left (Andar) and Right (Bahar)
  • Take a guess and hope for the right outcome once the card appears

Andar Bahar Rules

There are some additional rules when it comes to online Andar Bahar, though there aren’t many of them.

  • For instance, if the first card drawn from the deck is a black suit, then all the dealing begins from Andar. If the suit is red, dealing begins on the Bahar side.

The same rules apply while playing live Andar Bahar.

  • In some rounds, the player can also bet against the dealer’s drawn card, not just on where the cards they have chosen will end up being.
  • It is also important to remember that the final result is based on the drawn card, not on the suits, so keep that in mind when playing the game.
  • More than one player can play at the same table. In these instances, the game will continue until all of the players have achieved a specific outcome.
    It can either be that they were right and they win, or the card turns up on the other side, and they lose.

While India does have some somewhat confusing rules when it comes to gambling laws. Andar Bahar is perfectly fine to play online in India.

Playing in a land-based venue is a different matter and does depend on the state you are in – Goa is usually excellent though.

If you play Bahar online Andar, then there’s nothing to worry about. At this time online casinos in India are not regulated, so Andar Bahar live casino is perfectly legal.

This is similar to the ability of Indian players to be able to enjoy Baccarat and Blackjack online.

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Potential Payout

Following the specific rules of Andar Bahar, there are many different payouts available. For instance, if the selected card is from the side where the first card was dealt, it’ll pay out 90%. If it’s from the opposite side to where the deal occurred, the payout is 100%.

To put this in perspective, if you bet 100 INR and the card is on the same side as where the cards were first drawn, you’ll get a payout of 190 INR. But the same bet can give you a prize of 200 INR if it’s on the opposite side to the first card.

Bet in INRCard on the same side as first cardCard on the opposite side of first card
Simple example of Andar Bahar Payout

Minimum and Max Limits

There are minimum and maximum limits to how much an Indian player can bet at a casino in one round on Andar Bahar.

These limits will depend on the casino that you are playing, so it is essential to check this out before diving right in to start playing any card game.

Very often, you will find that the table minimum is around 20 INR. This means that even the very budget players will be able to play the game and enjoy themselves.

They won’t necessarily walk away with massive wins, though – but if you’re having fun, does it matter?

At the opposite end of the spectrum are the high rollers. Some Indian casinos will allow players to wager as much as 10,000 INR on a single round.

  • Have a look at the table maximum, as this is where you will find out how much you can bet.

A Game Also Called Katti

Andar Bahar is also known as Katti or Bahar Andar in some parts of the country. However, this is not a different casino game. Nor does it appear to have any variation in the rules. Players will always find it named Andar Bahar in online casinos.

Katti, or Andar Bahar, is all about luck rather than skill. However, players can try to make educated guesses as to which side the card will be when they play.

There are of course tricks that you can use to try and get ahead, and we’ll discuss those later on.

Katti – Fun and Relaxing to Play

For the most part, playing Andar Bahar is actually a fun and relaxing way to pass the time. Of course, when there’s money riding on it, it becomes a little tenser. With the increase in technology, this game can be played both as a video version or a live dealer one.

The live dealer option is perfect for players who wish to enjoy the casino environment, but can’t due to India’s strict land-based gaming laws.

By being able to access the game online, you’ll be able to interact directly with real dealers and other players chatting to them while enjoying the game. At the same time, you may find other casino games that you may fancy.

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Andar Bahar Cheats

While Andar Bahar is a game of luck, there are some things you can do to improve your chance of luck. Dont’ worry, we don’t mean using any of those cheating devices you can find in casinos.

Instead, there are some strategies to help you maintain your bankroll and play for longer.

For instance, you can implement a betting strategy similar to those used when playing expert roulette. The Martingale system is popular and simply involves doubling your bet after a loss, theoretically covering any losses in the long run.

When you win, you revert to the original bet that you started the game with.

You should also have a strategy in place. For instance, three possible cards can match within a deck.

The card can be anywhere in the deck, but as more cards are dealt, the probability of the card showing increases. Therefore think about when you bet – early-, mid- or long-range.

Andar Bahar – the Movie

There is an 80’s movie named after this fun card game. Released in 1984, this Hindi-language film actually follows the same storyline of the Hollywood movie 48 Hours.

The premise of the movie is that a big-time criminal gets the help of a low-level criminal to rob a bank.

While the heist goes down without a hitch, the leading criminal turns greedy, shooting his partner. However, the third man in the team escapes with the loot.

Detectives become involved, criminals head to prison, and vengeance is on the cards as things start to take a downward turn. Then, one of the detectives dies.

The remaining detective teams up with the criminal who was shot. Initially, this unlikely duo doesn’t see eye to eye but eventually work together to bring down the criminal mastermind.

We can’t guarantee your casino experience will be that action-packed, but there’s still plenty of action in Andar Bahar to keep you entertained! Interested in Bollywood movies? Check out Sams top 5 favourite Bollywood casino movies!

Now when you know everything about this wonderful and fun card game. Which side are you going to chose? Andar or Bahar?

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Last updated November 11th, 2020