Sic Bo Online

Sic Bo is a perfect example of another Asian casino game that has captured the interest of casino enthusiasts from across the globe. As the gambling industry continues its seamless growth, more traditional games are registering a spot on the digital play space.

Casino games have been evolving over the years in terms of structure and gameplay. Now, the digital landscape has presented an opportunity for gamers to take a shot on traditional games as well.

To win at Sic Bo, you need the right outcomes. The fundamental feature in a game of Sic Bo is the roll of three dice in a small box. The participants bet on the outcome of dice.

Unlike skill-based casino games, in Sic Bo, the output is influenced by the factor of chance and luck.

Sounds pretty simple right? Well, there is a lot more involved in playing Sic Bo with real money. So, how much do you know about playing online Sic Bo – a pioneer casino game?

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What is Online Sic Bo?

Online Sic Bo is nothing but a digitized version of the real Sic Bo. Much like the offline variant, a dealer shakes the dice in a box. This process is transparent and impartial as the shaking of dice happens through a button.

Before the dealer rolls the dice, you have to place your bet on the outcome that you think is the most likely to occur. You can bet on the following things:

  1. The actual sum that is likely to occur on three dice
  2. The range of the likely occurring sum
  3. The occurrence of a particular digit on at least one dice
  4. The occurrence of a particular number on all the three dice.
  5. The occurrence of a particular number on at least two dice
  6. The occurrence of specific combinations.


The objective in Sic Bo is simple. To win the game, the bet that you placed must match the outcome of dice. While the game evokes interest and curiosity, winning solely depends on chance. 

Sic Bo

Online Sic Bo Betting Dynamics

The Sic Bo table contains a combination of squares containing and an intermix of numbers and words. The amount of bet and payout details are mentioned on these respective components of the Sic Bo table.

Small and Big Bets- On the table layout, you will find the option of small and big bets on both the top corners. A small bet is placed on dice totals ranging from four to ten. In big bets, totals ranging from eleven to seventeen are called for.

Double and Triple Bets- Using double and triple bets, you can stake the occurring of pairs of specific numbers. For example, a double of ones, double of twos, and so on till six.

Triple bets are the same except for the fact that you can also bet on the occurrence of any triple in addition to triples of specific numbers. 

Combination Bets: Below the double and triple bet chart, there is a dedicated section of combination bets. This section contains numbers from Four to Seventeen.

Combination bets involve betting on the occurrence of either of the two totals. For example, you can place a bet on the occurrence of a total of either Four or Seventeen, Five or Sixteen, and so on.

Individual Bets: As the name suggests, the bets are placed on the occurrence of a single specific digit on any of three dice. However, the payout changes when the same number occurs in two or either three dices. 

Sic Bo Payouts

Bet TypePayout
Big BetsThe payout in a big bet is one ratio one
Small BetsThe payout is the same as a big bet
Even BetsThe payout is the same as odd bets if the total of outcomes is even
Triple BetsThe payout is one hundred and eighty ratio one. However, if you bet on any triple, the payout will be thirty ratios one
Doubles BetPayout in these bets is eleven ratios one
Combination BetsThe payout in these bets is six ratios one
Individual BetsHere, the payout is half of the combination bets i.e., three ratios one
Sic Bo Strategies By Sam Evans

What should your Online Sic Bo Strategy be?

In a game of Sic Bo, the occurrence of an outcome is entirely based on chance. Unlike online Rummy, you cannot influence Sic Bo outcomes by your skillset. Therefore, there is no fixed strategy that can guarantee success in online Sic Bo.

If you are entering the gambling arena for the first time, it is advisable to bet on smaller and favorable bets with limited payouts. This helps in maintaining interest and enjoyment over long stretches of time. 

Is There a Free Online Sic Bo as Well?

Casino games are tantamount to stepping in a territory of suspense. For many participants, it is a source of a much-needed break from the tiresome daily schedule. But when it comes to staking monetary interest on the line, anyone would want to scale up the know-how of the game.

Online Sic Bo for free gives you a taste of what to expect in the main game. This is a practice yard whereby you test what happens in the game, how calculations are done, basics of combinations and bets, and the like.

You can chalk out your way of betting in the free mode, practice it a couple of times and then proceed to the online Sic Bo for money.

While the free mode is advantageous, Sic Bo for money gives you the real sense of Indian online casinos. The risk and reward factor is intriguing enough to make you try the game through and through. 

Where Can You Play Online Sic Bo For Money?

You can start playing Sic Bo on the casinos mentioned above! All you need to get started is a smart device, internet connection and be over the age of 18. 

With more and more casinos accessing the online route, it can be difficult for you to figure out the genuineness of them. Here is what you need to look for.

  1. Acceptance of Indian Rupee
  2. Availability of free mode for practice
  3. Acceptance of card for payment
  4. Availability of client/player support desk
  5. Higher payout ratio
  6. Other favourable terms and conditions
Sic Bo with Real Money

Online Vs. Offline

Sic Bo has its origins in China. Initially known as the “big or small” or “the precious dice,” it was a common sight at gatherings, functions, reunions, or leisurely catch-ups.

With the advent of casino culture, the game spread to the rest of Asia and became a hot sensation in countries like Macau and the Philippines. 

Playing online Sic Bo gives you a lot of advantages over its counterpart. You get a chance to socialize with different people as the customer base is international.

You tend to get a little more time as compared to physical Sic Bo because of the flexible and transparent rolling of dice. With free mode acting as your tutor, you can polish up your gameplay by playing as many games as you want. 

There are no time-bound clutches in online Sic bo. Unlike the physical mode, you can start and play as long as you want by simply leveraging the internet.

No Reasons to Worry

With secured personal information protection, online Sic Bo leaves no options to worry. As far as the payout is concerned, it follows the principle of cumulation. 

Let’s understand how. Live casinos have to undertake a lot of capital expenditure. This includes the amount spent on-premises and buildings. 

Casinos, in turn, pass these savings to you in the form of higher payouts. Based on your playing preference, you can buy premium memberships and plans at a one-time payment with/without time limits.

Start Playing Online Sic Bo Today!

Now that you know all about online Sic Bo, you can easily navigate the route to the suitable and comforting dice game without skipping a beat. Online Sic Bo can be your point of entry to the already exhilarating online casino industry. 

Are you worried that you don’t have the credit card to get started? Don’t worry. Popular casino platforms accept payments through Paytm and Google Pay – and you can get your account funded easily. 

Start your online Sic bo journey today and give your love for casinos a new direction.

Last updated August 28th, 2020