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Gone are the days when casinos were a distant dream for risk-takers and skilful money makers in India. With “online” becoming the new normal in the casino industry, you can play live Baccarat with just a click of a mouse or a nudge on smartphones.

One such game that has caught the spotlight in India online casinos is Baccarat. The traditional gambling game is an excellent choice for ones who look to wear their heart on their sleeve to make a fortune changing money.

With its easy to grasp rules and astounding levels of serendipity, online Baccarat gives more than you crave for in a casino game. So without much ado, let us meticulously scale online Baccarat.

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Baccarat, How to Play?

An intermix of easy gameplay, strict procedure, and adrenaline-encouraging outcomes is what perfectly defines online Baccarat. It is played on a table that can invite fourteen players at a time. 

There are three boxes lined up in front of each player. These three boxes are identified by three distinct identities, namely a player box, a banker box, and a box for a tie. As a player, you are required to place a bet in one of the three boxes. 

The cards are to be dealt with the only player and banker boxes. It ranges from six to nine in terms of decks depending on the casino.

Live Baccarat by Sam Evans From Casino Captain India

Baccarat Casino Game: The Objective

The objective is to bring an outcome close to nine. If you place a bet on a banker, then your outcome should be as close as nine as possible. Similar is the case with the player box. A tie happens when the outcome is equal at both ends. 

Once you have placed the bet, the concerned dealer will draw the cards, and your chances of winning will depend on the lucky outcome. 

Values and Rules

As soon as you get your cards in online Baccarat, there will be a summation of values to get a total sum ranging from zero to nine. Here’s a summary of how each card is valued:

  • An ace is perceived to carry a value of one
  • Kings, Queens, Jacks, and 10s are perceived to carry a value of 10
  • All other cards are perceived to carry a value equal to their face values. 

It is quite a possibility that you may get a total value exceeding 10. For example, if you have a king and a seven, it will accumulate to an overall value of seventeen. In these cases, the first digit of the total value is foregone. 

So, your total value will be seven in the mentioned scenario. Also, if the total value of cards is five or less than five, there will be an extra card allocated. If either the banker or the player gets an eight or a nine in total (called a natural hand), both will stand.

The Online Baccarat Gameplay

  1. The first step requires you to place the chip/chips on any of the three boxes. 
  2. Now, the dealer hands out two cards to the player box and two cards to the banker box. 
  3. Finally, the total value in both the boxes (player and banker) is accounted for, and you win. The payout is simply the double of what you had placed as the bet. 

Do note that the way the cards are played out (face up or face down) and their subsequent calling out by the dealer varies as per specific casino rules. 

live baccarat
Live Baccarat – Evolution Gaming

Concept of Side Bet

While playing real money baccarat, you will often be confronted with the provision of side bets that makes the game more interesting.

These bets give you the potential to ramp up your overall wins by a considerable margin. However, this provision is subjected to the provider and the variant of the game. Some of the common types of side bets in Baccarat are:

  • Perfect pair- In this type of bet, you can make a bet on the banker’s or player’s cards if they form a pair of the same suit and the same number. The payout is twenty-five times the amount you placed as the bet.
  • Player’s pair- Here, you make a bet on player’s cards, if they form a pair with the same number. The payout is eleven times the amount of bet.
  • Banker’s pair- It’s much like the player’s pair, with the only exception being that the bet is placed on banker’s cards. The payout is the same as the player’s pair bet.
  • Any Pair- The bet covers the player and the banker. It ends with the requirement of a pair at either end. The payout is five times the amount of bet placed.
  • Small Bet-  Here, you can bet on the number of cards being dealt with a hand. You win a small bet if the number of cards dealt with a hand is four. The payout is one and a half times the amount of bet. 
  • Big Bet- You will win a big bet if the number of cards dealt with a hand is equal to five or six. Here, the payout is half of the amount of bet.

Besides these, there are also side bets that depend on the sum, ties, and non-natural hand with some prerequisite conditions attached to them.

The payout in these bets ranges from as high as fifty times the betting amount to as low as twice the betting amount. 

Other Associated Features of Online Baccarat

Once you enter the online baccarat casino, you will confront a grating with different beads and an intermix of colours involved.

Primarily, these colours are red, green, and blue and may or may not abound different numbers.

Baccarat Result Plate: 

The resulting plate (also called Bead plate) contains several numbers highlighted with the three colours. The plate starts filling up from the leftmost top point, and the subsequent outcomes are added downwards. Once the row is completed vertically, the next row is put to use. 

The red, blue, and green colors signify banker, player, and tie, respectively.

There are also little dot-like pointers of the same banker and player colors, which signify the pairs of different numbers. The numbers in the pair and dots signify together tell which hand (banker or player) won the bet and by what score.

Lightning Baccarat India

Big Road: 

This is a scoreboard that helps you infer the trend of outcomes. It is different from the bead plate as it does not show results separately. Instead, it highlights the results of two consecutive bets.

Much like the bead plate in layout, the alternate columns of the Big Road have colourful representations of player and banker in the form of hollow circles. 

The presence of dots is alike. The color perception iBs the same (Red for banker and Blue for the player).

Back to back wins of a hand are marked in the same column. On the other hand, a change in the column tells about the winning of a different hand.

Let‘s comprehend this with an example. Suppose you placed a bet on a banker and won. 

Now your win will be shown as a red mark in the upper leftmost column. If you (as a banker) win subsequently, another red mark will be placed in the same column.

However, if the player wins the next bet, his win will be represented by a blue mark in the next column. If you have a tie, instead of utilizing a new column, you strike out the red or blue mark with a green line. 

Big Eye Boy: 

Live baccarat is a game of risks, and with real money involved, you definitely would want to increase your chances of winning. To help you with this purpose, Big Eye Boy comes to the fore. It records the behaviour of the game by marking every win shown. 

However, here the colors signify different things. Red color represents consistency, and blue color represents just the converse of it. 

The true use of the Big Eye Boy lies in complementing the Big Road and identifying any particular pattern. These patterns, if any, can influence your decision to place bets. 

Let’s say that the Big Road, shows the last outcomes as:

  • Player, 
  • Banker,
  • Player, 
  • Banker. 

The Big Eye Boy will represent the same in a graph like a form allowing you to assume that the next outcome will favor the player, and you can choose to bet on the player.

Small Road: 

It works just like the Big Eye Boy, but with a caveat – you only start from the Big Road’s third column.

Cockroach Pig: 

This feature skips the last two columns on the Big Road and starts only after the first mark on the fourth column of the Big Road.

There is also a difference concerning the symbols involved. Cockroach pig uses two diagonally parallel lines for representation.

Do These Features Help?

While these features allow you to predict the probability of the likely occurring outcome statistically, there is no sure shot confirmation that a prediction based on them will always follow.

Baccarat casino games are influenced highly by the factor of chance.

There may or may not be a pattern being followed on any given day. However, there is no harm if you want to make a decision based on the analysis of these statistical figures.

They merely record the game outcomes, and you have all the rights in the world to satisfy your winning impulse.

Different Versions of Online Baccarat

Diversity is the hallmark in the online casino industry. Like its counterparts, Baccarat can be played in different forms too.

Here’s a look at different variants of live Baccarat.

  • Live Baccarat: This is vintage Baccarat, where the cards are allocated in a face-down manner. The variant supports only “pair side betting,” along with all the statistical tools. The gameplay can resoundingly fast, with each round taking approximately fifty seconds.
  • Multi-Camera Baccarat- Add different camera angles to the exciting game, and that’s multi-camera Baccarat for you. This version gives you a real feel of a casino by letting you observe the baccarat table from different camera angles.
  • Live Baccarat Squeeze: There’s a greater role of dealers associated with this form of online Baccarat. Like the real world and in exclusive coverage of almost fifteen different cameras, the dealer slowly and skilfully reveals the value of the hand associated with the bet. 
  • Live Baccarat Controlled Squeeze: Much like the last variant, this form gives you the autonomy to squeeze your card. You can do so by clicking the edge of the cards.
  • Live Speed Baccarat: It is a common connotation that short yet intense intervals of action bring more sense of enjoyment. That is the sole purpose of this variant. Here time-related to results is shortened by dealing with the cards face up. Also, enhancements are made to trim the betting time, thereby bringing the total time of the gameplay to as minimal as twenty-seven seconds.
  • Lightning Baccarat: In this type of Baccarat, you are provided the benefit of multipliers. These multipliers are in the forms of cards, often referred to as the lightning cards. Their presence in a game ranges from one to five, and if they are included in your winning hand, it will multiply. It’s a great way to enhance your winning amount by a considerable amount. Our absolute favourite!

Where Can You Play Online Baccarat in India?

Competition is the driver of growth and with the online casino industry already taking long strides of development, the emergence of different virtual casinos is hardly questionable.

With a large number of options comes the dilemma of choice. Therefore, to help you experience online Baccarat in the best possible manner, we have shortlisted the best online casinos for you. Here’s the list.

  1. Evolution Gaming

Founded around fourteen years ago, Evolution Gaming has given a new definition to the online casino industry. It has successfully established itself as a leader among online casinos by winning several awards over time. For Baccarat, their bean-shaped table and extra side bets hold power to captivate your attention and interest.

  • Playtech:

With its rich arsenal of different variants of Baccarat, Playtech stands out as among the best online casinos. They enhance customer experience by allowing for access through different camera angles and squeezes, making your Baccarat shot a memorable one.

  • Ezugi:

Founded by pioneers of the industry, Ezugi is committed to serving you through the services of professional dealers, modern studios, and state of the art equipment. Their Baccarat game is available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, making it accessible whenever you like. Also, they offer an option of six side bets which, though less in number, can have a potential impact on your winning.

Worth a Try?

Try out popular platforms like Cric to get started on your online Baccarat journey. You can use Paytm or Google Pay to get started.

Some other popular choices include Lucky Days, which offers Welcome Bonus up to 1,00,000 INR and Wildz, where you can win over 200 free spins.

Online Baccarat for real money combines traditional rules with modern technology to take your love for gambling to an epitome.

Like the traditional game, you are kept in suspense until the outcome is shown, which gives you the adventure you always dream of. 

With accountability, liability, security, and transparency, playing online Baccarat today is safer than ever.

Last updated August 28th, 2020