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How to Purchase Lottery Tickets Online in India

Recently, we’ve been asked on how to purchase lottery tickets online. And since there were so many requests, we decided to create an guide on the topic.

As people are used to walking up to the store just around the corner and buy lottery tickets. Purchasing lottery tickets online can be an unfamiliar experience for many. However, why go to that departmental shop when you grab a bunch of tickets online, from your couch?

Buying lottery tickets online has never been easier. You can purchase tickets for an international lottery with a few taps on your phone. Indians can participate in Indian as well as international lotteries online. 

So, this article will explain the ins and outs of buying lottery tickets online. It is a brief rundown of the process when you want to sign up to the best online lottery in india.

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Things you Should note Before Buying a Lottery Ticket

Before we move on to the lotto ticket buying process, there are are a few things that you should check beforehand. Here is a checklist to ensure that you buy the right lottery ticket. Don’t worry, we’ll suggest great lottery sites that you can buy lottery tickets from at the bottom of the article.

Check the License

The first thing you should check when gambling, betting or buying lottery tickets is the license of the webiste. If you are into online gambling, you might be aware of the licenses. The sites that hold a permit have to comply with several guidelines and regulations. These sites are safe and legal.

Do not buy tickets from an unauthorized site as they are illegal and sometimes even banned by the government. Further, the unlicensed sites can be rigged. In this case, it is as good as handing your money to the site for free.

We recommend buying lottery tickets from the following jurisdictions:

  • MGA – Malta
  • Curacao

Multiple payment methods

Any genuine site would offer multiple payment options to the users. A look at the payment and withdrawal options would give you an idea if the site is legal or not.

Moreover, trusted and reputable payment methods ensure the privacy of user’s sensitive data. If possible, go for the same transaction method for payment and withdrawal.

Timely payouts

The reputable and licensed site will always provide fast and timely payouts. Winners do not have to wait for ages before the reward gets deposited into your account.

User reviews and ratings will give you an idea about how fast the site pays out. Do your homework before you register on a site. The speed of payouts can be affected by several reasons. However, you should not wait beyond the stipulated time. 

This is How You Buy Lottery Tickets Online in India

buy lottery tickets in india step by step guide

Buying a lottery ticket is in fact a straightforward process. And we’re just about to make it even easier for you. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to purchasing a lottery ticket.

  1. Open the site of your choice. See examples at the bottom of the article.
  2. Right there on the home page, you will see all the ongoing promotions and events. Along with lottery tickets, you can also buy scratch cards and or gamble at the online casino.
  3. Register an account by filling in your details. This will take you not more than two minutes.
  4. Click on the lottery event that interests you. For instance, let us click on the Malamaal Daily.
  5. A ticket with the details of the lottery event will open up. 
  6. If you are pleased with your choice, tap on “Confirm” to confirm the order.
  7. The lottery ticket will be reflected in your shopping cart. You can add multiple tickets if you wish.
  8. Once your shopping is done, you can check out and pay with your preferred method.
  9. Your profile will display the bought tickets.

The buying process is more or less the same on all the lottery websites. Online lotteries are similar to paper ones. The latter is just quicker and convenient. And here is the biggest advantage of buying a lottery ticket online – you will never lose it. You can just log in and check your lottery ticket anytime and anywhere.

Ready to Buy Lottery Tickets?

If you feel that your questions has been answered but you don’t know where to buy lottery tickets, these are the two best options according to us: