Online gambling in India

If you’re thinking about online gambling in India, then you’ve come to the right place. Gambling in India has recently shown a exceptional growth over the past decade and is considered a emerging market in the gaming industry. In this article, we’ve concluded all the necessary aspects for you know in order to gamble safe in India. May the odds be with you!

Trusted online gambling sites in India

While games such as poker are considered to be games of skill, others like Andar bahar are not. Playing poker is, therefore, not considered to be gambling. On the other hand, when playing for money, Andar bahar and games like Bingo and even lotteries can largely only be played when online gambling in India.

Read our Casino Captain comprehensive guide to see what to look out for when choosing an gambling site

As online gambling India becomes increasingly popular, the question arises of how to find a trusted sites. Read our Casino Captain comprehensive guide to see what to look out for when choosing an gambling site. At which to play your favourite games for real money and be in with a chance of winning.

Real money gambling online

Although there are no online casinos that are legal officially in India just yet. There are plenty of international online casinos that accept Indian players. When players choose to start online gambling in India they will need to find out exactly which casinos they can play at and what currencies are accepted.

While there is a growing number of casinos accepting Indian players, not all of them will accept rupees. If you plan on playing gambling games with real money, you will need to either be happy with currency conversions or finding a site that enables you to make a rupee deposit.

Once a player has found a site that offers real money games that appeal to them. They will need to create an account. Creating a player account is a short, simple process. Usually requiring just a name, address, email and date of birth to set up – no deposit is required at this point.

Creating an account is the only way that players will be able to play real money earning games. There are a huge number of demo versions of most of these games online. These can be accessed without the need for an account, but players should note that you will not win real money.

When choosing to play real money games India has issues with players depositing funds. However, this doesn’t mean players can’t do it; they just need to use one of the international sites. These sites all offer a range of payment methods that players can choose from, picking the one most suitable for them.

Real money gambling in India

When Indian players head to an online casino to play for real money, there are often bonuses available. Choosing the right casino will ensure that players get a good deal (at we make sure that they do). Bonuses can include match deposits, no deposit bonuses and even free spins, all of which help the player.

However, when you’re playing gambling games with real money wagers that have been made with a bonus, you will have wagering requirements attached. These requirements mean that any money won from a bonus cannot be instantly withdrawn from the player’s account. Instead, it must be played through a specified number of times prior to withdrawal.

Indian players will also be treated to a large number of real money earning games. These money earning opportunities come in the form of:

  • Slots
  • Table games
  • Video poker
  • Lotteries
  • Sports betting

Why gamble online?

There are a number of benefits when playing online versus offline for Indian players.

For one, playing online means that you can actually get access to a casino, as land-based venues are generally illegal. Playing online gives you the ability to play casino games with real money. As well as access to free-play demo versions.

In this way, you can earn real money by playing games online. Something otherwise not available unless you reside in Goa or Sikkim, the only states to have legal land-based casinos. For most Indian players, the only way to access casino games and other gambling options is to play online.

When a player chooses to play games for real money online, there are other benefits such as the higher Return To Player (RTP) rate.

When a player chooses to play games for real money online, there are other benefits such as the higher Return To Player (RTP) rate. This happens because online casinos have lower or fewer overheads when operating their business. There’s no physical venue to pay rent on, for example, or so many staff to pay.

As we touched on earlier, there are frequently bonuses to be found at online casinos. These are less commonly found at land-based casinos. And, again, this comes down to the lower costs of running the online casino. Bonuses can really boost a player’s time online, for example, by increasing their bankroll.

Wider choice of games

Players also benefit from a much wider choice of games than those offered by land-based casinos. Again, online casinos can offer a larger selection. Simply because their site’s running costs are lower than those for their land-based counterparts. This means they can spend more on offering games – plus they have more space for them!

Benefits of online gambling

Indian players can also access these games without needing to leave their house. Which is making online casinos much more accessible and user-friendly than their land-based counterparts. Games can also be played while on the way to work via mobile devices as well as being played at home through desktops or laptops.

It’s also much easier for players to control their gambling when playing online versus in a land-based venue. This is because many online casinos will have specific responsible gambling protocols in place. These features will tell players how long they’ve been playing as well as how much they’ve won and lost.

Following on from this, online gambling sites also have the option for players to self-exclude themselves if they feel that their gambling is going too far. Being able to do this can help players realise there is a problem. Online casinos will also have helplines in place for those who think they may be addicted.

Is online gambling safe?

International online gambling is highly regulated, with online casinos subjected to strict licensing requirements that prioritise the players. As Indian players are primarily only able to access these international sites, they will be able to enjoy the same benefits of safety and security that players around the world are protected by.

There are a number of online casino regulators that give licenses to online casinos. They have strict rules and regulations regarding how player data is kept. If a gambling site in India wishes to keep operating, they have to adhere to these rules. Otherwise their license can be revoked and they will be unable to stay open.

All gambling sites will also ensure that their site is fully encrypted with an SSL encryption protocol. This protocol protects sensitive player data from falling into the wrong hands. Essentially, it is a firewall preventing unwanted third parties from gaining access to banking information, players’ names and addresses and other sensitive data.

Safe payment methods in India

Finally, good online casinos will also offer only the very best in terms of payment options. These options will always be safe, secure and trusted so that any deposits and withdrawals are, once again, completely protected and safe. Many sites will also be audited by third parties to ensure their games are fair.

Different ways to gamble online

When it comes to playing online, Indian players can access virtually everything. There are numerous gambling sites that welcome Indian players. And these can be accessed via both computer or phone. Most of these sites are optimised for both, and that includes the selection of games they offer.

Players can access a wide range of casino games. That include various types of slots from classic, three-reel games to five-reel video slots to progressive jackpots. Most slots are produced using the HTML5 format so that they can be played seamlessly across various different devices and operating systems.

Players can even access many casino games using the live casino game format. So that they can feel as if they are in a land-based casino even when at home. Sports books, bingo halls and lotteries all have a place online, with some sites offering all-in-one and others focusing on separate areas.


Online casinos in India have come into their own in recent years, gaining popularity thanks to their accessibility. Most online casinos offer an easy to use interface that lays out all the games in an intuitive manner. Players can explore the site at their leisure or search for specific games to play.

These sites offer highly secure payment methods so that any monetary transactions take place in a safe environment. In addition to this, online casinos are able to offer a wide selection of games and bonuses. The later offering players extra cash or free spins, helping them to boost their bankrolls.


Online sports betting sites have seen a surge in popularity in the last few years. Betting sites have a plethora of different sporting events that wagers can be placed on. The types of sports offered, and the bets and market range available, will all depend on where the sports book is licensed.

Indian players will be happy to learn that they are able to access a number of sports betting sites that not only offer global sports, such as cricket and football, but have markets for local Indian leagues as well. Some sites even cater to more specific Indian sports such as kabaddi.

Mobile gambling

Due to our reliance on mobile devices, gambling has made the much-needed transition from computer to mobile device. Playing from a mobile device is much the same as it is via a computer. Players can either access their preferred casino site via the mobile browser or use that casino’s dedicated app, if it has one.

Signing up is exactly the same as on desktop. And generally, these sites will keep the setup, theme and format the same so that transitioning between the two platforms is seamless. The only difference on a mobile device is that more of the options will be found in dropdown menus to keep the screen clutter-free.

How to cash out

When it comes to cashing out, the process really couldn’t be easier. Most gambling sites will offer a wide range of cash out options. From card withdrawals to eWallets and even bank transfers. Here at Casino Captain, we never recommend a casino that doesn’t offer top-notch, secure payment options.

For you it is important to note, though, that each gambling site will have their own requirements as to the minimum and maximum amount that can be withdrawn at any one time. With this in mind, we remind players that they should check what those requirements are before making the move to withdraw winnings.

When it’s time to withdraw, most online gambling sites in India make the process incredibly simple. All players need to do is head to the cashier section of the site, where they select the payment method they’d like to use. Then simply input the amount for withdrawal. Confirming this will see the money transferred.

Transfer times will depend on the method used and the processing time of the site. This can be sped up through KYC processes being performed prior to the withdrawal being requested. Indian players will be happy to note that all their winnings are tax-free, making this the perfect win.

When should I stop?

At Casino Captain, we always want to make sure players are gambling responsibly. There are some signs where this might not be the case, which we will outline here. For instance, a player who can only focus on playing and loses interest in their responsibilities is likely to have an issue.

Similarly, players who aren’t able to control when, where and how much they gamble are also exhibiting signs of addiction. Placing increasingly large wagers (to make up for losses, or to gain thrills), particularly on games or events they are unlikely to win, is also another clear sign that something is amiss.

Another clear indicator of gambling addiction is when a player begins to hide the amount of time and money they spent on online gambling. This can lead to a poor work ethic or a breakdown of communication and trust within a relationship. If when confronted, players deny there is a problem, they may need help.

If any of these symptoms have appeared, it’s time to ask for assistance. Players who recognise this within themselves can self-exclude from the casino or they can get help through one of many gambling helplines. Friends and family can offer their support during this time, to help players through this difficult period.