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Casino Games Online

Online casino games have gained massive popularity over the years. With technology improving at a rapid rate, playing real money casino games is now highly accessible virtually in India. All a player needs is a device and internet access to be able to play any given casino game online.

In this article, we will show you where to find the best casino games online. Besides finding the right online casino, you’ll also find dedicated information guides to each and every casino game that is available to play online.

Play Casino Games at These Online Casinos

Indian Casino Games

Let’s kick off this guide with some of our favourites and some of the most popular casino games in India. Casino games and other games of chance is a big part of our culture and goes back centuries.

We’re talking about everything from cockfighting to Chopat. And the fact that the first games of what we today call Chess can be traced back to our ancestors.

However, the Indian casino games that we love the most in today’s world are a bit different. They can be played online, and you have the option to play with real money while watching professional dealers streaming from massive studios.

You probably know which modern classics we’re talking about?

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar (also known as Katti) might be our very favourite casino card game. The definition of a modern classic and originates from Bangalore.

The game itself is straightforward to play as there are only two slots: Left (Andar) and Right (Bahar). Read more about Andar Bahar and try it with real money on one of the dedicated casino games sites.

Andar Bahar CasinoIndian Tables

Teen Patti

The Indian 3 hand poker card game Teen Patti originates from the Indian subcontinent and is now one of India’s most popular casino games.

The ultimate goal in this casino game is to reach three of a kind, and there are good and bad practices. Also, Teen Patti could be played with real money online, read all about it in our Teen Patti guide.

Teen Patti CasinoIndian Tables


Rummy Online is one of the most popular games in India at the moment. The card game where you build melds which consist of sets has grown in popularity recently, with online versions introduced.

You can easily play Rummy online by following our step-by-step guide on how to play Rummy.

Rummy CasinoIndian Tables
Casumo Casino2

Sic Bo

The online game of Sic Bo is a bit different from the first three mentioned, as this is a dice game. Among the most played games in Asian casinos, it’s slowly making its way to the online casinos.

Simply explained, players bet in the outcome of three dices. Only to be played with real money!

Sic Bo CasinoIndian Tables
Pure Casino5

Play Casino Games in India

It’s really simple for Indian players to start playing casino games online. As we touched upon, the first step is to choose an online casino. The ones we list on CasinoCaptain all accept Indian players and offer a great casino experience with a welcome bonus.

Once you’ve chosen a site to play at, it’s time to open an account. This is usually a short and simple process requiring the player’s name, email, address, and date of birth.

After confirmation, you’re welcome to play online table games, roulette, blackjack, slots or any other casino game that you fancy.

Once you’ve found your favourite casino game, simply choose the banking method that you use for online transactions and get going.

If you don’t feel like making a deposit just yet, try out the free slots using demo money or free spins given by the online casino.

Note that if you want to play live games or table games, a deposit has to be made.

Different casino games in India

Casino Games to Be Played Online

There are just as many casino games that you can play online as actual casinos (if not more). Therefore, knowing which online casino game to begin with might not be the easiest nut to crack. But don’t worry, even though the selection might be huge, a great start is to choose your preferred category based on your experience.

Below, you’ll find a list of casino games that you can play online for real money.

  • Slots
    Slots are actually the most popular games to play online. They come in a wide variety of themes, designs, formatting, and in-game bonus options. Slot machines range from simple classic three-reel games to the more complex five-reel video slots complete with bonuses.
  • Progressive Jackpots
    Yes every progressive jackpot is a slot, we know. But we treat them a bit differently as there is a massive difference between games like Starburst and Mega Moolah. Best games to play for those looking for that life-changing win.
  • Roulette
    Online roulette has plenty of variations due to its popularity. There is European roulette, American roulette, Mini roulette and live roulette just to mention a few roulette games.
  • Blackjack
    Blackjack is another popular game and has some different casino variants available. Highly popular because it combines an element of luck with strategy, it’s also elementary to learn. Rules will differ between options, but with a good strategy, it’s possible to lower the house edge to win.
  • Video poker
    Looking for a casino game that is fun and has a low house advantage? Online video poker might be just what you’re looking for! A poker game thas is created for all.
  • Baccarat
    Baccarat is another card game that is popular in every live casino in India. Likely to find a live dealer that speaks your language considering how many tables there are for online Baccarat. Try it at any of the online casinos listed.
  • Craps
    Craps is a notorious dice casino game where you place bets on the outcome of the dice. Used to be insanely popular in the casino world offline, not as much online though.
  • Teen Patti
    Our favourite casino game that can be found at any best online casino. These live dealer games can only be played with real money after deposit.
  • Andar Bahar
    Tired of play roulette? Head over to the Andar Bahar table and face one of the beautiful and well dressed live dealers. Can also only be played with real money at the online casinos.
  • Rummy
    Online Rummy is, if you ask us, best enjoyed at the mobile casinos. It simply allows a great game play and fantastic experience. Only available at the best online casinos.
  • Sic Bo
    The very best online dice game is definitely Sic Bo! You’ll find it in the live dealer section at any best online casino.
  • Jhandi Munda
    Also known as Crown and Anchor, a casino game known from the streets of India. It’s nearly insane that it’s now available to play online even though the selection is quite poor.
  • Hold em
    Hold em is known as the most common poker game there is in the world. Each player is given two cards face down, and the fun begins. You’re not playing the house but your opponents.
  • Bingo
    Bingo, another game of luck that is not really considered for being a casino game. Typically enjoyed at bingo halls but can also be found online.
  • Lotteries
    Last but not least, there are lotteries that Indian players can join to win insanely huge jackpots. Read some of the stories in our comprehensive online lottery guide.
Casino games with real money

Casino Games With Real Money

Playing casino games for real money is incredibly straightforward at Indian gambling sites. As we discussed earlier, players will first need to open an account with the online casino of their choice.

Once you’ve got money in your account, it’s time to go and choose a casino game to play. You’ll notice that online casinos might put specific casino games under respective categories. These might be:

  • Live dealer games OR Live casino
  • Slots
  • Betting
  • Jackpot
  • Table Games

So if you’re at the online casino and want to play blackjack, firstly decide if you want to play the live blackjack version or the table game one. Same goes if you want to play roulette.

Casinos do this to ease your experience and navigation on the site. New players might find this setup a bit confusing in the end, but once you’re in it, it will make perfect sense.

Once you’ve entered the slot, video poker, live game or table game that you want to play – decide the bet amount. Do not fall for the trap of autoplay in the very beginning. Make sure the number of INR that each spin or hand is what you’re comfortable betting.

So, you’ve done your selection of slot machine, the bet amount is set? Time to play, you’re ready!

  1. Choose online casino
  2. Choose casino game to play
  3. Decide bet amount
  4. Play!

Free Casino Games

There are also ways for players to play casino games for free, without spending any hard-earned money. There are two ways to do it:

  1. Demo mode (no money involved)
  2. No deposit casino bonus ( you get some sort of play credit for free from the casino)

The demo mode games are free, and you can access them without creating an account. It enables you to play a big number of slot machines at the given free casino site.

This is a great way for a beginner to enjoy slots games just like any mobile game on your phone. It’s literally just for fun as no real money wagers are involved. You can find your favourite casino games and see how odds work while playing free slots.

The next step however might be to play some casino games for real money, without risking your own. So how is that possible?

No Deposit Needed

By playing with a no deposit bonus of course!

No-deposit bonuses are usually offered as soon as a player signs up to the casino. Sometimes these bonuses are quite small, often just 500 rupees, but the money is available for players to use on a range of casino games. This means that players can win real money, completely without risking any money.

You can also get awarded free spins, which is a big part of the no deposit world. They won’t be given on jackpot slots of course, but still gives you the chance to enjoy some free casino play.

Any wins accrued by these free spins will also get added to the player’s account. Be aware that both these bonuses will have wagering requirements. Once again, live casino is excluded, you can only receive slots free spins.

Explore all no deposit bonuses in India if you fancy a reward upon sign up. Need more information before proceeding? Stick with us, there’s plenty more to learn!

games edge

House Edge in Casino Games

For most players, the main reason for playing online casino games is to enjoy themselves in order to break-even or walk away with a little extra cash. However, the success of this is not only based on the player’s luck and skill. It is also on the house edge of the given casino game they are playing.

The house edge, also known as house advantage, describes the casino’s lead over the player when it comes to winning. The lower the house edge is, the better chance the player has of winning.

Each casino game has a different house edge, representing the probability of a loss or win.

It’s impossible to balance and beat the house advantage, as this is the way that casinos make their money. It’s not a secret that online casinos are not charities, and their main intent is to make money.

The way the house edges, or RTP’s are counted is however by millions of play sessions. So just because you’ve been unlucky with a few spins, does not mean that the next ones are going to be “dead” as well.

House Edge, May Depend On The Casino Game

The size of the house edge also depends on the game that is being played. By choosing their games wisely, players can select those that offer a better chance of them winning. For instance, games with a house edge of 5% or higher should be avoided at all times.

A game that offers such an inferior house edge is American Roulette. Players will find themselves losing more money than they can afford to when playing a game like this. Slot games also have a wide variety of house edges, but these are always displayed so players can make an educated choice.

Casino Games With Lowest House Edge

When it comes to the lowest house edge, there is one set of games that stands out. These are video poker games. These games tend to have a house edge of around 0.46%. In some cases, the house edge will even fall down to 0%.

In some cases, the house edge will even fall to 0%.

Blackjack follows closely behind video poker games and offers a house edge of around 1.5%.

The house edge will fluctuate though, as players have more control over the outcome of this game depending on the strategies they use when playing, enabling them to push down and keep a low house edge.

Casino GameHouse EdgeBest Selection
Three Card Poker1.50%Royal Panda
Teen Patti3.80%Wildz
Craps5%Royal Panda
Backgammon6.50%Royal Panda
Andar Bahar% Depends on Andar/BaharLeoVegas

Apply Strategies – Win More Frequent

While most casino games involve luck, players can help to push their luck that little bit further by employing various gambling strategies. These types of strategies centre around the amount and total of the bets that are placed. It also helps to understand how and when the player changes these bets to cater to wins or losses. The odds may not always be on your side, so why not increase them? Even if just slightly.

Martingale Strategy

One of the most commonly employed betting systems is the Martingale. This, like many other betting strategies, is most frequently used by players playing roulette, blackjack and Baccarat. Essentially, all a player does is increase their bet after a loss.

When a win occurs, the player starts back at the original bet value. Online casinos will let you use it at live table games but might flay you if you win too often.

D’Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert Strategy is perfect to use on a roulette wheel, as it’s best used when there are only two outcomes possible. Similar to the Martingale, stakes are increased, but on a slower basis. The bet is multiplied by only one unit after a loss and then decreased by one after every win.

Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci betting system follows the well-known Fibonacci sequence. Similar to the other two methods, bets are increased after a loss.

However, the amount the bet increases by is based on the series, so players will have to memorize this string of numbers or write it down to keep track. Not really recommended to use at real landbased casinos as if you show up with pen and paper, the croupier might flag you for card counting.

Gambling Mathematics

Many players might not have thought about this, but in successful gambling, there is a lot of mathematics involved. While many players think it’s all about luck, maths has been integral to gambling since its inception, as it can be implemented to help players (and casinos) create profit for themselves.

In sports betting, for instance, maths is used to create odds and to calculate the potential outcome. Slot games are based entirely on mathematics.

With big software providers that create the online slot games using mathematics and calculations to ensure that the slots are more likely to be profitable, and on creating the average payout per player.

Probability and prediction are two critical components in gambling, and they’re both maths based. The possibility is backed up by mathematical calculations.

This can be seen in the well-known card counting trick used by blackjack players. Counting the cards and calculating which cards remain gives gamblers a better chance of predicting the next hand.

Probability methods are more commonly used for craps or roulette. Calculations made in these games refer to the probability of what the next dice roll will be or in which pocket the ball will land.

This can be calculated using the binomial distribution formula, which may seem simple, but can still prove wrong. See this video by Mike Aponte for a better understanding of the mathematics in how to count cards. He has literally won millions of dollars on casino game mathematics.

Land-Based VS Online Casino Games

When comparing online versus offline casino games, there are a lot of differences that can really make an impact. For Indian players, playing online instantly wins over offline venues as this is the only way they can play casino games due to regulations. Unless you are willing to travel to Goa, that is.

Aside from this, though, some additional factors will push online games into a more favourable position than offline ones. One of these is in the available payouts. With lower overhead costs, online casinos can offer bigger and better payouts and bonuses than land-based casinos.

A casino site will also be able to offer you free casino games to try as we mentioned earlier, and a welcome bonus to start off your journey. The best part is that it is completely legal. If you’re not convinced – here is more information on the legal landscape.

Now don’t just choose any casino website, it is still highly important to choose an online casino that will offer you a good customer support, great selection of slot machines and of course a big welcome bonus.

What you can be sure about, is that whichever online casino that you pick from Casino Captain, will be safe and offer you a better return to player rate than the Goa casinos do.

RTP and Bonuses To Your Favour

The return to player rate or RTP is always better when playing online casino games. Again, this comes down to the casino being able to make a higher profit from its online players and is, therefore, able to offer bigger and better rewards to their customers.

Players can also make use of bigger and better casino bonuses at online casinos and gambling sites. Online venues can offer players the chance to use free spins or bonus cash.

Which means that any wins made are entirely profit for the player, again saying that the final payout is more significant than it would be offline.

mobile casino games in India

Mobile Casino Games – Booming in India

We reported earlier that mobile use is on the constant rise in India, and games are a significant part of it. Globally, it’s estimated to be an industry worth $152 billion where India plays a significant role. 

Not only in terms of usage but also in terms of development. The mobile casino game industry is not an exception to this, and you can find all the best casino games in India to be played directly in your mobile device.

Let’s face it; it’s all about accessibility and being able to stay entertained wherever you are at any time of the day.

Mobile casinos will offer its players great security and fantastic gambling experience. Not to mention the variety of hundreds if not thousands of casino games.

So what gambling games will you find in mobile casinos?

  • Live casino
  • Online slots
  • European roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Teen Patti
  • Andar Bahar
  • Video Poker
  • Progressive Jackpots
  • And more!

Where To Play Mobile Casino Games

Casino Games – Fun, Safe and Entertaining

When making the transition to online casino games, many players are hesitant because of the possible lack of safety. However, this should not be an issue as most reputable casino sites make sure to offer a fun and secure experience. From licensing, encrypted payements to slot machines that cannot be rigged.

Reputable and trustworthy casinos will all hold licenses from reputable governing bodies. These licenses require the online casino to follow a strict set of rules and regulations when it comes to protecting private player data. Failure to comply can result in the casino losing their license and being unable to operate.

Good online casinos will all have SSL encryption protocols in place. This is a firewall system and prevents third parties from getting access to any sensitive data such as addresses or bank details.

In line with this, online casinos will only use trusted payment providers, all of whom use multiple levels of encryption, so transactions are protected.

Finally, online casinos will have third party independent auditors checking out the games themselves. Auditors will check whether the random number generators (RNGs) are operating fairly.

This will benefit both the casino and the player to know that no side is being given an advantage over the other.

Ready to Play Online Casino Games?

No matter your location in India, you can start playing online casino games at some of the best online casinos. We hope that this guide has answered all questions that you may have had around online casino games. You’re now fully equipped to start gambling with any online casino game that we’ve discussed.

Remember to grab your casino bonus and play for the sake of fun, not to win money.

Last updated January 4th, 2022