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Sunny Leone Games At Casinos

Sunny Leone games is becoming a thing, isn’t it? JeetWin launched a new aspect to their already loved site promising to further increase their popularity. If you are a member of JeetWin and did not this already, you can now play in live events with Sunny Leone. She has been made the brand ambassador of JeetWin and often participates as the dealer in live casino games. For many, this is an exciting clash of their favourite celebrity with the online gambling world.

If you do not know the charismatic and beautiful Sunny Leone let’s take a look at who she is.

Sunny Leone Games

Who is Sunny Leone?

Sunny Leone is a model and actress in the Indian film and fashion industry. She is a Canadian-born Indian of Punjabi origin. Since she entered the Indian media through the popular show “Big Boss” she has been well-known. Her personality and character are a reflection of her fierce and liberated thoughts.

She has starred in several Bollywood films. Sunny has also been a part of many projects outside India such as in the MTV video and music awards. She has always been known to be social and interactive with her fans. Now partnering with JeetWin and starting the Sunny Leone Casino the interaction will be enhanced.

The Partnership of Sunny Leone and JeetWin     

Who is Sunny Leone

Among the online gambling platforms operating in India, JeetWin is a recognised name. It is one of the biggest betting and casino site in the world. It has teamed up with other celebrities as well in the past. Now it has embarked on a journey by partnering up with Sunny Leone. She has stated her support for JeetWin because she believes in the vision and philosophy of the company.

JeetWin aims at being unique while being fair and a fun online gambling experience for every player. Their hard work to make their vision come true has made it very popular among users. Also, because they are partnering up with Leone, who has a very large fan base, they are expected to attract even more attention.

More people are going to sit up and take notice of gambling. At least through a respected trustable platform, they can have a safe and fun experience.

Sunny Leone Casino 

JeetWin first premiered Sunny Leone as a dealer in a live casino game in 2016. An extraordinary move from the India online casino. She enjoyed herself so much and got such a loving response she played the next day as well. Sunny Leone has then become an integral part acting as the Lady Luck. Sunny has dealt cards in live Baccarat games as Lady Luck.

After the first time she showed up people were quick to take to social media to tell JeetWin to bring her back.

The fans adored playing with her just as much as she adored playing the dealer and interacting with them. Now once more JeetWin, as a customer-centric gambling platform, is bringing back Miss Leone for another Sunny Leone game.

The Sunny Leone Live Casino is another live event involving the charismatic JeetWin ambassador. It is sure to bring attention from experienced and amateur gamblers alike.  

Bollywood Diva Slot With Sunny Leone

JeetWin is an innovative company, with a mix of the traditional casino and new unique games. The company is bringing another inventive and splashy game to gamblers’ screens: Bollywood Diva. JeetWin launched the game in March 2019.

Bollywood Diva Sunny Leone

Bollywood Diva is the first celebrity-featured online game. Sunny Leone has been made the face of this game and brand. The game can be played on smartphones, desktop and tablet.

It is an original concept in the array of casino games and features the very famous and loved Sunny Leone. Standing out from the other casino games, Bollywood Diva is an online slot game that provides players with unique gameplay. It offers players to connect with their favourite celebrities. The players can increase their stake and wins with every spin.

JeetWin does not only partner with leading celebrities, but it is also partnering up with leading software developers. This Sunny Leone online game was developed by the renowned game providers JDB.

It rewards the players with actual money. To mark its launch JeetWin had several special slot tournaments. JeetWin conducts these specials often even after the launch. Detailed information about the timings and dates can be found on their website on their tournament page.

Captains Final Say

JeetWin has made playing casino more safe, secure, and thrilling. JeetWin has always had a customer-centric approach. This is just another reason this is a good avenue to go with if you are looking for an online platform you can trust.

For people who support the notion of unsafe and mediocre gambling sites dying down, partnerships between celebrities and trustworthy gambling sites are a positive sign for the future.

Now you can support an ethical and respectable casino and play Sunny Leone games online. Probably the best of both worlds for their fans.

Last updated July 24th, 2020