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Online Matka

From card dynamics to dice rolls, you can try out different online casino games today. Many of these games are fun and not just about luck.

Now, it’s time to add another crowd puller to this list – the game of Matka online. Founded in India before independence, Matka is also known as Satta Matka. With its easy rules and colossal accolades, the game is now accessible online for potential gamblers.

Here is how you can have your shot at one of the best online gambling games in India.

Play Matka Online

What is The Game of Matka?

Matka is the Hindi name of an earthen pot. Though the game existed in pre-independent India as Ankada Jugar (Gambling with figures), it came to life during the early ninety sixties. 

As a part of structural transformation, players were often asked to pull out slips or chits from an earthen pot (Matka). Since then, it came to be known as Matka. The game became an instant sensation and was hugely popular among the workers of the textile industry in Mumbai.

online Satta Matka

How to Play Online Matka

Online casinos do not offer Matka that is played with the help of cards. Instead, they offer the vintage version of Matka, whereby you are shown two sets of numbers ranging from zero to nine. 

You can select a combination of three numbers from each set. If the total of the three numbers comes out to be more than ten, then the first digit of the said total is foregone, and you only consider the last one. 

For example, your first pick is six, three, and five. The sum stands as fourteen. Now, in fourteen, only four will be considered, and one will be foregone. Similarly, let’s say you get an eight, a two, and again an eight as your pick in the next set. Again, the total will be eight and not eighteen. You can place the bets on each draw.

The Bets are Different and Associated With Respective Payouts

Here is a shortlist of permissible Matka bets

  1. A bet placed on all numbers (payout stands at one lakh by one)
  2. A bet placed on first three numbers (payout stands at nine hundred by one)
  3. A bet placed on the first digit of the first draw (payout stands at nine by one)
  4. A bet placed on next three numbers (payout stands at nine hundred by one)
  5. A bet placed on the first digit of the second draw (payout stands at nine by one)
  6. A bet placed on the first digit of the first and the second draw (payout stands at ninety by one)

Satta Matka results are read with different names:

  • Single (Single-digit), 
  • Jodi (Two digits), 
  • Pana (Three digits), 
  • Half Sangam (Four digits) 
  • Sangam (Six digits). 

However, the use of terminology varies from site to site. 

The Top Terms Associated With Satta Matka

Rate: On some websites, you get to see a rate. It signifies the amount that you earn on every one Rupee you play for.

Open: The primary (first) half of the Matka result is called “open.”

Close: The secondary (second) half of the result is called “close.”

Result Chart: A record chart is a summary of the previous results. You can use it to know the pattern of the game, if any. It does not maximize your chances of winning but only gives you an idea regarding previous results, and accordingly, you can make your decision.

How Can You Access Online Satta Matka?

Online Matka is relatively easy to access because of the plethora of sites offering a pleasurable Matka casino experience. To help you access Matka online and make some real cash, we have made a list of steps that you can follow.

  1. Select an online casino that allows you to play online Matka. This should be done after making sure that the casino accepts INR. Also, you must consider terms related to privacy and security and the payout.
    It is advisable to shortlist international casinos as no law currently in India restrains Matka on these platforms.
  2. Once you have found an online Matka casino, you are then required to open an account. Create one and sign in.
  3. In the next step, you will have to make a deposit. You can also enjoy bonus access in some cases. Read more about Casino bonuses
  4. By now, you will have gained access to the casino lobby where players choose different games. Go on the game’s option and select Matka.
  5. Now, choose your numbers.
  6. Place bets as per your interests.
  7. Observe the results. If it matches, its winning shenanigans. If it does not, try again. 

Why Will You Like Playing Online Matka?

For one, you stand a chance to multiply your winnings by one lakh times. The game has a rich history of transformation and continuing the trend, has now entered the virtual world. You can play a game of Matka while conveniently sitting in your drawing room. 

Without the hassle of selecting cards and shaking dice, you simply have to channelize your gambling interest towards numbers to win.

Since the outcome depends on chance and luck, it presents you with the truest and no-nonsense version of gambling. Play online Matka today, and make the best fortune out of your money.

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Last updated July 13th, 2020