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Betting Apps in India

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There are so many betting apps being advertised with claims to be the best. But which is the best betting app according to the user? It’s quite a subjective question, isn’t it?

Most of the betting apps have common features and specifications with some variations thrown in to make them different.

Regardless, betting apps are perfect for players on the go. Online betting started back in 1997 but took a leap when online betting apps were introduced. Since then it has been gaining popularity. 

So we compiled a list of the best betting apps and what makes them really stand out.

Betting apps India

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Betting apps and websites are subjected to laws as per the country they operate in.

For example, the best betting apps mentioned below are entirely legal to use in India. Eager to find out more on the topic? Here is an article explaining the legal landscape.

On top of that, the betting apps in India are as legitimate as the original gambling sites that they represent. Making them a great alternative to convenient gambling on the go.

Why should you use Betting Apps? 

Online betting apps are the perfect option for those constantly on the move. Considering their many advantages, other punters should also be using apps. Betting through websites will have a person sitting in front of the screen and waiting for something to happen. With apps, convenience, and other benefits make them a preferred choice.

Moreover, the pay-outs are direct and quicker than the traditional way of betting. It is very easy for new and older players. Also, because of the highly competitive market in online gambling, the apps are attempting to outdo each other. Through this, they offer several promotions to capture the interest of the players. There is a constant barrage of new offers made nearly every day.

Some of the advantages you’ll get with betting apps are listed further down.

why use betting apps

Odds Betting in Apps

Perhaps the most impactful part of the online gambling world is ‘Odds’. It is the most fundamental part of betting apps. Through betting odds, punters can find the probability of an event and place their money where they see potential in potential returns. In other words, beating the house.

Odds might seem confusing and complex for beginners. But like with everything else, it’s about knowledge and practice. Learning how to turn the odds to your favour is critical. However, this guide is rather about betting apps than odds. We’ll cover the whole spectrum of odds another day, I promise!

Large Selection of Betting Markets

The most popular sports for betting are football, cricket betting, and tennis. However, the app should be able to offer a large selection of betting markets. Players prefer gambling apps that have more variety for them to choose from.


What attracts new players is quality promotions. Most apps these days offer new customers promotions when they download the app. Players may even be given risk-free offers that will let them pick a game and bet.

This is also called a free bet.

Updates and Push Notifications

Push notifications can get annoying fast if you did not ask for them. Yet, when it comes to online betting, you as a punter can set specific push notifications on your favourite betting evens.

Keeping up with the events as they happen is not only fun but also help you to stay on top of the event.

Easy and Fast

Online betting apps are notably quicker to load. They are also often far easier to navigate than websites. Simply as we’re so used to them by now.

Slow-loading pages can ruin the betting process. Therefore, if you want to be sure to get a great mobile gambling experience with practically zero loading time, choose a betting app.

Quick Login Features

Another reason to choose apps over websites is the quick login function. This is a common feature in nearly every betting app. Why bother using ID and password when you can simply use your fingerprints?

User-friendly Interface

There is an app for almost everything nowadays. Betting apps stand out more than websites because of their user-friendly interface. They are simple, reflect the aesthetics of the betting site, and are more appealing to the eye.

Cash-Out in Betting Apps

Cashing-out on the website is slower than it is on betting apps.

This feature lets the punter take back part of the stake if the betting is not going their way. It also allows the player to take out the profits before the betting session ends.   

The Best Betting Apps

The several betting apps available on the market can leave people confused about which betting app to pick. Going through the ones that are cited as the best, we have compiled a list of best betting apps on the market. 

1. LeoVegas Betting App

LeoVegas India is popular on both mobile and desktop. It has won awards for being the best mobile operator. It was launched with the tag-line “The King of Mobile” for a reason.

Leovegas has lived up to their name since its launch in 2011 and launched a mobile-first website in the early days before anyone else.

The Leovegas casino app has been labelled as one of the most user-friendly in the gambling industry. Everything has been placed in an easy-reach from the home screen.

Specifications of LeoVegas App

  • LeoVegas has one of the largest collection of sports, slots, and other online betting games. Out of over 1000 slot games, over 400 are available in the Leovegas mobile app.
  • It has also one of the easiest to manage user-interface. The mobile-offering excels in every aspect. 
  • LeoVegas also offers deposits in a different currency such as Indian rupees. 
  • New players that sign up on the LeoVegas can receive ₹80,000 in casino bonuses.
  • LeoVegas does not only offer push notifications. Promotions are given to the regulars as well and they are notified of it through texts as well as push notifications.
  • With LeoVegas Bet Club punters can claim rewards every week if they are placing in-play bets.
  • Live Betting available
  • Live Stream offered in the app
  • Live casino available

2. BetWay Betting App

BetWay is an online gambling platform that includes app and a great casino/betting site. BetWay offers a simple yet unmatched experience. It has many features along with promotional offers. The several positive reviews on the app store and Apple store speaks for its excellence. A great gambling app for the beginner.

Specifications of BetWay

  • Betway has easy withdrawals and deposit options with Indian Rupees. The payment is very secure and allows the punters to make payments through credit cards, Neteller, Skrill, and more. It will even accept debit cards.
  • BetWay was found to have some of the best odds among the apps on the list for several sports.
  • Users can log in through the User IDs or fingerprint scanner. With a few clicks, users can access live betting sessions, evaluate the stakes, and place their bets.
  • It is both compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • The 24/7 customer support is always willing to help with any query or issue being faced.
  • Live betting available
  • Casino available
  • Live casino available

3. 22 Bet Gambling App

22 Bet has a multinational betting app and a popular website for Indian players. It functions predominantly in European regions and is now taking India with a storm. It has had numerous popular and established professionals act as an ambassador. This further increased its popularity among the fans.  

Specifications of 22 Bet app

  • 888 Sport has the best search function amongst all the apps that have been listed.
  • It offers around 2000 live events a week and so many sports to choose from. 
  • 888 Sport has better odds for football, tennis, and horse racing tournaments. 
  • Its customer service is available 24/7.  Not only can users’ place bets but also can any help they need in between.
  • The app user is given £10 to £30 in free bets when they register on the app. They also get promotional offers such as price boosts that attract more users every day.

4. Bet365 App

The app Bet365 was made by the Bet365 Group Ltd. and is based out of UK. It offers online sports betting and casino games. It started in May 2001 and was launched as a sports betting and team-trading app.

Since its launch, it has steadily gained popularity becoming one of the best apps around the world. It offers multiple sports options to bet on. Among the betting apps India, the most popular ones are those that offer to bet on cricket. The overall experience of the app is loved by many users.

Specifications of Bet365

  • Bet365 offers all new players with a substantial welcome bonus package. On top of that, there are also offers and promotions given to the players. The app offers decent welcome offers to all the new punters.
  • It usually has good betting odds. Bet365, according to reviews has better reviews for odds in its live betting rather than for pre-events. Live odds can be viewed during the match. Consider the odds ranging from 1.05 and 1.30. 
  • Bet 365 offers live streaming to its punters regardless of their locations. The players have access to any game they want at any time. Its versatility is attributed to its live streaming feature for its vast array of sports.
  • Players can gain access to live streaming quickly. All they have to do is have sufficient funds in their account or are placing a bet within 24 hours on the event they are interested in.
  • Players can also place live bets in Bet365. All the upcoming events are mentioned in a list for the players to go through. It has a live betting feature that will allow the player to examine the sporting event and make bets in real-time.
  • Most websites require the gambler to switch between pages to scrutinise the various stakes. With the Bet365 app that issue is also resolved.
  • The app interface is straightforward and guides the registration process. Users can find the bets they placed easily. They can also check on live scores and new events because of its structure.  
  • Log-in is available at both user ID and fingerprint access.  

5. Betfair App

Betfair is an online gambling platform and is the world’s largest betting exchange. Betfair has been cited by numerous websites as a legendary bookmaker.

Betfair is also the developer of the Cash-Out feature. It is one of the most sought after features in online betting apps. It was founded in 2001 and was valued at £1.5 billion in 2006. 

Specifications of Betfair

  • The functionality of the app can vary depending on what device it is used on.
  • With Betfair, the odds of winning are dependent on the sport. Where the odds for winning in tennis and football are good they are average for sports like greyhound and horse racing.
  • It is the same as betting on the computer but without the hassle that comes with it.
  • With Betfair, bets can be placed on every market whether it is for a game in-play or pre-event.
  • There are several platforms supported for making deposits and withdrawals.
  • It has enhanced odd offers and bonuses that can be used for several sports. This also increases the probability of making profits in the games.
  • It has been reviewed as a simple yet the most reliable betting experience one can get from an online betting app.  

6. Unibet Betting App

Unibet is a popular platform for sports betting, casino games, bingo, and poker. It has around 11 million users in more than 100 countries. The Unibet app offers access to different betting markets.

It is one of the fastest operating betting apps on the market. Unibet has been dedicated to providing a world-class experience to every user. Like Bet365 and BetWay it also offers in-play betting as per real-time scores and stakes of the games. Unibet also has thousands of live streams every year.

Specifications of Unibet

  • At Unibet, you can get a great return for your money. The odds at Unibet at an average are at 98%. The odds for cricket are some of the best amongst the apps with a 95% winning rate.
  • The registration process hardly takes a few minutes. After entering the requested information, the new account is set up immediately. 
  • An internet connection and fingerprint access are the only things required to log in.
  • The overall betting experience of Unibet is one of the most pleasant among the apps listed. 
  • Unibet offers promotions to not only new customers but also for the regular. This keeps the players hooked to this app. With enough offers and bonuses, many betters cruise through the games and make profits.
  • The welcome bonus for new punters makes their first experience risk-free. No matter what game they bet, if they lose it will not cost them their money. 
  • Many debit and credit cards can be used to make deposits and withdrawals. Their use depends on the bank they are from. Similarly, for bank transfers, some banks are accepted. 
  • For quicker transaction accounts on platforms like Paysafecard, Skrill, and Neteller for making deposits. Paysafecard cannot be used for withdrawals.
  • There is live streaming for all the sports offered. It is the most accessible app for live streaming amongst the listed apps. Punters can spend time on live streaming while their bets come in. 
  • Along with living streaming, there is a live betting option available. Through the live-betting feature, you can catch the odds in real-time and get updates on the scores.

The Best Betting App for Iphone

iPhone betting apps

It is simple and straightforward to download iPhone betting apps on iOS. Most betting apps are, in fact, first made for iOS. The only thing required is for the user to have an account on the betting site.

This can be followed by downloading the app in the Apple store.

The first time will require the log in credentials, after that you can use the fingerprint scanner.

The Best Betting App for Android

Android betting apps

Getting betting apps on iPhone is easier than getting them on android. Due to the underlying issues in the Google play store installing apps directly can be a difficult process.

A way around this is to get the APK file for the app through a third party. Another way is to download it from the desktop site of the company whose app you are looking for. Even though it may sound trickier than the normal download for other apps.

FAQ on Betting Apps

How do I decide what the best betting app for me is?

Deciding what best app for you is subjective and depends on what you are looking for. In general, the things to look out for online betting apps are the same as what to look for in the betting site.

There are more technical issues found in apps than on websites. Go through reviews for the app after deciding on what features are a must-have for your app. The standards should be the same for desktop and app.

The app should have an interface that works well, has several betting markets, good customer service, and high-quality performance. The best apps have live streaming features and live betting. However, if there is a feature available on a desktop it should be available on the app as well. 

Wouldn’t the app have fewer features than the website?

It depends on the online gambling company. Most companies have almost the same feature for both desktop and app. However, there can be lesser content on the app than it is on desktop.

The best apps will always have the same features in both. Also, when getting an app to consider there are several choices available for both iOS and Android. So why settle for average apps when you can have an app with every feature you are looking for.

Can I not use the online betting sites if I don’t have the app?

Many sites do not have apps. Even if there is no proper mobile app made for the site there is likely the site optimised for mobile. If you are using a betting website and use a browser on your phone to open it, the overall experience will be different.

However, the same features will be likely available for use on mobile as well. Always check the working of the site before dismissing it and replacing it with a betting app.   

Will I get exclusive promotions?

This is one of the reasons that apps are attracting so many new and older gamblers. Most apps offer welcome packages to their new customers and there are consistent promotions as well for the regulars. The app creators put a lot of time and resources into making their apps perfect.

However, they need to offer something unique to attract punters to their apps. Since most features are available in a lot of apps, most creators will offer bonuses and promotions to stand out. As an extra incentive, most creators offer unique packages in their apps only and not websites.

But what matters here is the quality of the welcome packages, bonuses, and promotions. There are risk-free welcome packages that new punters can use to practice betting before getting involved in it. 

Which payment methods can be used in Betting apps?

Moving money across the internet is always sensible, so the payments options that you use needs to be verified and trusted. Luckily, you can use options such as Paytm, GooglePay and other E-wallets to ensure safe transactions.

What are the best mobile betting apps in India?

Online betting apps in India have been gaining in popularity. Cricket is the most popular game to be bet on the country. Out of all the apps mentioned Bet365, BetWay, and Unibet are the most popular in India. Even with confusing laws against gambling in India, these apps accept accounts and payments of an Indian address. However, platforms for depositing and withdrawing may vary for Indian punters. 

Final Say

In the world of gambling, there has been nothing more exciting than the development and subsequent explosion of betting apps. As phones take over computers and laptops, it is safe to say that this is the way that gambling will shift indefinitely. It will become more than just the way to gamble online. Although betting websites are far-off from becoming obsolete as they get a significant amount of traffic.

But there is no doubt that the apps are the way to go. This blogpost already listed some fantastic features of the betting apps. They only continue to grow. With online betting apps, there have been more ingenuity and interactivity than before. The apps are still in the initial stages, and as more upgrades come, there are more amazing things to come. Even with what features exist on apps, the punters are content. But this can be thought of like icing on the cake because better is expected to come.

Last updated January 15th, 2021