Monopoly Live Game Review

Monopoly Live is the latest exciting live dealer game from the software giants Evolution Gaming. The game was released in 2019 and is the next step for Indian players who enjoy playing casino games but want to feel that casino ambience.

Working with Hasbro, Evolution Gaming has now brought everyone’s favourite family board game, to the screen and put their fun money-winning twist on the proceedings.

The online casino game works using the Wheel of Fortune set up, already popular in Evolution Gaming’s Dreamcatcher game. Still, it adds several unique elements, 3D bonus rounds and a whole lot more – all designed to give players the chance of a big win.

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How to play Monopoly Live

The initial setup of the game is somewhat different from a regular board game version of Monopoly. Instead of a board, there’s a giant wheel which is split into various coloured segments.

Each of the segments has a different number, 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 rolls and four rolls. The croupier stands by the wheel and sets it spinning. All players have to do is simply place a bet on which segment they think the wheel will finally stop at.

If the player guesses correctly, then they receive a payout that matches the number that was bet on, so if the players bet on two, then the winning is 2x the wager.

  • RTP 96.23%
  • Bet range from 0.10 to 2500.00 per spin
  • Autoplay option
Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming

Chance – Wheel of Fortune Round

Out of the 54 segments on the wheel, there are also two that are labelled ‘chance’. Landing the wheel on either of these two options will give you more attractive options.

If the wheel stops on this, you will be given a chance card which can provide a player either a fortuitous cash prize or the chance multiplier bonus.

If the wheel lands on this, the bet made by the player will stay in place and the wheel is spun again by the host.

The chance card is necessarily the best way to get a more significant win on the next spin.

  1. Grab multipliers on chance cards
  2. Cash prizes can be won

The 3D bonus round of Monopoly Live

If players manage to land the wheel on either of the two rolls or four rolls, this is where the fun 3D bonus round starts. However, the player must have made a bet on the wheel to land on one of the two options.

When it does land, the bonus game loads, which is a 3D augmented reality game that looks just like the Monopoly board we know and love.

Players will find all of the usual Monopoly features such as community chest, houses/hotels and Go, and all that while Mr Monopoly walks the board collecting the prizes and multipliers for the player.

To begin playing this game, two dice will be rolled automatically. The combined number is the number of spaces that the dice shows.

As the game is triggered by the two rolls or four rolls space, players will be given that many rolls throughout the round so it will depend on what triggered it.

However, there are additional rolls to be earned during the bonus round too, if the dice show the same number.

While you can stack up some nice multipliers, remember there are jail and tax to avoid, as players can lose money landing on them. On the flipside, passing Go gets double multipliers.

Monopoly Live FAQ

Is Monopoly Live fair?

All Evolution Gaming games are certified fair as they are audited by third party companies. In this way, you can play the games knowing they aren’t rigged.

Can I play Monopoly Live in India?

Indian players will need to check the game library of the casino they are playing to see if the game is offered – it will vary between international online casinos.

What languages can you play Monopoly Live in?

At this time the game is only available in British English, German and Italian, so Indian players will likely have to play this in English at the moment.

Last updated January 15th, 2021