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Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots are some of the most exciting casino games around in India. This is because, with relatively little effort on the part of the player, big wins and real money cash prizes can be won. The best jackpot can only be won when playing with real money and this guide will explain how.

Jackpot slots work in the same way as regular slots – they have reels, pay lines and symbols that need matching up. Read this guide to become a jackpot king in fun mode or with real money. The prize pools on casino slots on sites slot machines like Mega Moolah are something extraordinary.

The big difference between jackpots and usual slots is simply in the amount that can be won. And even this differs, depending on whether gamblers are playing progressive jackpots or local ones. Jackpot slots as a casino can generate large casino prizes for one lucky player.

Keep reading, and we’ll tell you all you need to know about playing jackpot slots in India. You do not need to go to Las Vegas to win huge cash prizes. Jackpot slot machines such as Mega Moolah, Joker Millions, Stolen Stones and Wheel of Fortune can cater the best jackpot. The next jackpot win on a slot game can be closer than you think.

Best Jackpot Casinos

Progressive Jackpot Slots in India

The slots with the biggest prizes are undoubtedly the progressive jackpot slots. These slot games can, if the player is lucky, payout in the millions, and we mean dollars here, not just rupees! The odds might not be in your favour but many slot game like Stolen Stones and Mega Moolah pay out a progressive jackpot regularly.

These types of online slots have a jackpot that keeps on growing when the game is played. When it comes to selecting a casino game with large cash prizes jackpot slots are at the very top. In order to have a chance to win a jackpot prize, you need to enter the bonus games.

As players place their bets and spin the reels, a tiny percentage of the bet is added to the jackpot, which continually increases. Indian players will see that the jackpot total will continue to rise as they, and other players, make bets and play the slots.

The gameplay of casino games with the best jackpot is certainly slot games. You can use bonus spins to try some of the most popular slot machines that offer a jackpot win. Information about jackpot wins is shown on each jackpot slot.

What helps push these jackpots even higher is that these slots are linked on a global scale. Some jackpots are only linked within a casino, meaning the values can’t rise so high. However, jackpot wins over 2 million have been won in both India and the United States recently on slot machine games.

But progressives can be linked to many other casinos, meaning thousands of players contribute to the pot.

Best Localised Jackpot Slots

There are other progressive jackpots available too, but some of them are localised. Jackpot slots can come in several different versions and the choice is completely yours.

How to win a jackpot of this kind is relatively straightforward – all you have to do is match up the required symbols often on a specific pay line, usually from left to right.

In some cases, winning a jackpot of this kind will require players to land specific bonus symbols to win. Different providers such as Microgaming, Yggdrasil, and NetEnt offer different versions and payouts.

In others, a wheel of fortune will appear and needs to be spun, hopefully landing on the jackpot to give the player the big win.

Localised jackpots don’t grow anywhere near as big as those on global networks. However, these jackpots will still grow as players play and contribute to the tally.

Players in India can still expect to get a reasonably decent win when playing these types of slots.

Best Fixed Jackpot Slots

There are also fixed jackpot slots available too in India. These jackpots do not grow and tend to offer more modest top prizes, though these can still be pretty big.

The way this works is a little different, though, with some games having a fixed prize when a bonus is activated.

Other fixed jackpot games don’t have a jackpot as part of the game per se. Instead, these games actually will pay out a fixed top multiplier on a win.

The real money win from jackpot slots can often be anywhere from 500x the initial bet through to multiplying the bet into the thousands.

As such, the bigger the player’s initial bet is, the bigger the final win can be. This means potential winning will increase at the same rate as the stakes are.

However, this type of play needs to be weighed against how long the player can keep up this bet size for, and whether the game has a high volatility level or not.

Pros and Cons of the Best Jackpot Slots

Pros of Jackpot Slots

• Big wins

• Lots of excitement

• Variety of slots to choose from

Cons of Jackpot Slots

• Can’t always win the jackpot

• Some jackpots are small

• High variance games mean few wins

How to Pick a Jackpot Slot to Play

Now that players know the difference, it’s time to pick a jackpot slot. There are many different criteria players can use when choosing. Some jackpot winners have used a jackpot system to find one of the biggest wins in the casino industry world.

Players from India can select between jackpot slots based on the theme, the style of the slot or the type of jackpot on offer. You can also go for the biggest jackpot in India. They are available through your smartphone whether you use Android or iOS. Although, desktop slot games are still very popular among jackpot winners.

However, we think it’s essential to check out the betting limits on a slot of this kind first. Players should always make sure that they can afford to keep playing for long enough to score a big win.

It’s also important to check out the RTP if you ask Sam from CasinoCaptain.

Higher RTPs (Sam recommends selecting slots with 95% and above) are more likely to pay out over the long run, with players more likely to earn some of their bets back.

It’s also a good idea to check the volatility, though whether high or low depends on what the player enjoys.

Choosing Where to Play a Jackpot Slot

When playing online, it’s also essential to choose the right casino to play at. There are a few features players should look out for when selecting an online casino in India.

For instance, always make sure that the casino is licensed with a reputable jurisdiction to ensure fair gambling.

We also suggest looking at the game selection before signing up to ensure that the jackpot slots you want to play are available to you.

Following on from this, getting a good bonus can also help move your gaming experience along a little bit more.

Finally, players should check out features such as customer support to ensure that they can get in touch with someone if things go wrong.

They should also look at the banking options to see which methods are accepted for withdrawing or depositing and whether rupees are accepted. You’ll find those at any online casino in Indian Rupees.

So, Why Play on a Jackpot Slot?

The main reason to play any jackpot slot is the allure of the big win. Many players have won massive, life-changing jackpots on a single, low-value spin.

These slots will also pay out smaller wins to players too, even if that top prize isn’t won.

Can you Win Big?

One of the biggest draws to jackpot games is the fact that you can win big. Not all jackpots are created equal, though. jackpot slots based on the random number generator on the video slots offer bonus games that trigger the big wins. You can try casino slot machines such as Melon Madness in demo mode before you use real coins on the website.

However, the huge ones such as Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune have paid out several times in the thousands – and sometimes even millions – of dollars. The range of winnings can vary but the meter always updated in real-time at the video slots in order for you to know which slots games that give best experience.

Final Thoughts on Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots are a great way to pass the time and add some excitement to your day.

Players in India should carefully select which type of jackpot game they wish to play, as well as choosing the actual slot carefully. With responsible gaming, jackpot slots can be a lot of fun.


Are jackpot slots safe?

Yes, if they are licensed and regulated for fair gaming.

What types of jackpot slot are there?

There are global progressive, localised and fixed jackpot slot games.

What’s the biggest jackpot win online?

The biggest win was $21.7 million on Mega Moolah.

How can I win a jackpot?

It’s all down to luck, but follow the game’s betting rules.

Can I play progressive jackpots for free?

No, most progressive jackpots cannot be played in demo mode.

Can I play jackpot slots in India?

Yes, if the casino you join offers them in their collection.

Last updated January 15th, 2021